Whilst bands in the Metalcore genre have definitely put out some of the best albums in Metal, it’s undeniable that the genre, as of late, has become a repetitive, stale and bland abyss, with so few bands actually pushing those boundaries to create something new and innovative. Take a look at Bullet For My Valentine for example: ‘The Poison’ is deemed a classic, and can still make fans and new listeners alike feel all ranges of emotions, but every album after it became less and less interesting, eventually hitting the trainwreck that is ‘Temper Temper’, to which they still haven’t properly come back from.

That goes without saying, that I feel that the sophomore release, ‘Umwelt’ by French quintet All My Memories have found themselves stuck in that endless cycle of repetitive and ultimately bland representation of Metalcore. Whilst on my first listen through ‘Umwelt’, I spent majority of that time sitting on the edge of my seat, ready to be taken aback by a huge breakdown, or a wonderfully written melodic chorus, or even just an interesting riff, and that’s really the main reason I was THAT disappointed.

That’s not to say that this record isn’t necessarily bad, it sounds like they’ve truly mastered that Metalcore sound, but to such an extent that you can tell how All My Memories went forth with their songwriting etiquette. If ‘Umwelt’ had come out in like 2007, it would have blown up, and that’s almost a fact; the production on the album is immaculate, and the songwriting isn’t bad at all, it’s just stale… really, really stale.

I’m only going to really pick apart their title track, because you’ll get the gist of the rest of the album through listening to this one song. Right from that opening riff, you can guess exactly what’s going to happen next, throughout the whole song; from the drum beat progressions, to the riff progressions, to that clean guitar lead, which is a little bit too reminiscent to every other metalcore band in existence. All My Memories have also taken up that ‘electronicore’ sound, which not only has died out in this generation of music, but is so overused and just cringy.

What truly turned me off of the band was vocalist Loic’s overall performance and lyric writing; especially the lyric writing. “No one has the whole wide view of reality/And If you have it, fuck you are stupid” is an actual lyric from the title track; seriously. I feel like I’m going back to my scene phase just reading that, and not in a good way, I hated my scene phase… it lasted like a week. On top of that, the entire album is completely ridden with gang vocals, which not only take away from the overall message, but truly turn me off the music, gang vocals are never, ever a good idea.

The sophomore feature record ‘Umwelt’ by All My Memories, whilst is spectacularly produced and thought out, falls into the never-ending abyss of repetitive metalcore. ‘Umwelt’ was disappointing, but if the band focus a lot more on their songwriting capabilities, they could achieve great things; it starts by not releasing music from a dead genre.