“this heady subject matter doesn’t come as a sacrifice to accessibility or appeal, with What It Is To Be featuring some of the strongest hooks from The Comfort to date” 8/10 – Hysteria Magazine

“While What It Is To Be is exceptionally honest about the human experience, it’s wrapped up in an ethereal atmosphere and the result is something really special.” 9/10 – Depth Magazine

“Melancholic, yet utterly optimistic.” 75/100 – Killyourstereo

“Everything you get through us and everything we say is through the lyrics and our songs essentially,” explains The Comfort’s Liam Holmes in a recent interview with Depth Magazine “so that’s where you find out things about us. So when you’ve only got one EP out there, that’s kind of five things you can know about us. I think with this album, when we’ve got ten songs, and “Mesada” as well, there’s going to be a lot more of our personality out there.”

Today, the band share the sum of their experiences with the world, as their debut album “What It Is To Be” is released. The album can now be streamed and purchased HERE.

“You don’t want to leave this life but you know that you can’t stay…”

“Honestly, the response so far has been amazing.” exclaims bassist/vocalist Dom Harper“Coming up to the announcement we were so nervous about what people would think of the general premise of ‘What It Is To Be’ and were genuinely worried people might not understand the questions were trying to ask ourselves. Instead, we were met with enthusiasm for something greater and so far, even our long time fans have jumped on board and we couldn’t be happier”

While the response to what’s known it touching the band deeply, it’s the excitement of the unknown that’s keeping Harper looking forward. “I think what we’re looking forward to the most is seeing a reaction from the songs on the album that don’t quite fit into being a single. Those songs are usually our favourites from the bands we love and grew up on and they’re always the song we enjoy writing the most. We write our albums in a way that we think everything through very carefully. ‘What It Is To Be’ was designed to take you on a journey through our emotions and ask questions. We thought in depth about everything from the lyrical content and how it fits with the instrumentation to the order of the songs and how they flow together. We want you to think about your experience of being and we can’t wait to hear the thoughts and emotions our music might bring people.”

The band will also be running down the Australian east coast at the end of November, supporting The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus on an intimate run of shows.