CRAWLING FOR CARRION have teamed up with Metal Injection to stream a stunning cover of Portishead’s “Roads”. The track features Chantal Brown of Vodun on vocals as well as Pete Holland (Elephant Tree) on drums and Tom Hobson on lead guitar. The song will be released as an EP alongside a cover of “Rake” (Townes Van Zandt).

The project’s main man Christ West commented “I arranged, recorded and mixed the two songs on the EP separately. I’d spent a long time working on the arrangement for Rake and was meticulous with the recording and mix. In fact I scrapped the mix twice and restarted until I ended with something I was happy with. Roads came together much faster and I took an entirely different approach to contrast it with Rake. The riffs and the arrangement are very simple so we jammed it in the studio a couple of times and then recorded a take of main guitar and drums live together. With the guitars down in a low F you can’t be too precise with that anyway. It has a looseness and live quality I really like and pairs well with Rake.”

Listen to the song HERE!

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UK-based project Crawling for Carrion prepares to release its two-track debut, a cover EP entitled Rake and Roads.  Featuring sludgy adaptations of “Rake” by Townes Van Zandt and “Roads” by Portishead, it will be available digitally on November 9, 2018 through West’s label Giganto Records.  A limited number of lathe-cut 10” records with hand-printed and numbered sleeves will be available through pre-order only.

Crawling for Carrion is the brainchild of UK multi-instrumentalist Chris West (Stubb, Trippy Wicked, Landskap, Glanville, etc.) who handles guitar, bass, and production for the project.  “Rake” features Jake Harding of Grave Lines on vocals and Thomas Kurek (Wight) on drums.  The formidable Chantal Brown of Vodun helms the vocals for “Roads,” joined by Pete Holland (Elephant Tree) on drums and Tom Hobson on lead guitar.  Interpreted with “an eye toward bringing out an inner heaviness that’s been there all along,” these two tracks represent a powerful start for a project with high expectations.