Dropping just four days before the release of their sophomore full-length, Voices From The Fuselage’s latest single ‘Vestibule Of Hell’ is here – complete with a fantastic music video! Continuing to cradle a core of hard-hitting emotional themes and dark, theatrical atmosphere, ‘Vestibule Of Hell’ comes served with the same catchy melodic, outer shell displayed in the album’s lead single ‘Nine Levels’.


“This is one of the band’s unanimously favourite tracks from the album”, states band vocalist Ashe O’Hara (formerly of TesseracT). Ashe once again opens a pulsing vein of deep, personal emotions to feed life to the lyrical content of their latest single.

“Vestibule is another dive deep into my fragile insecurities. Its almost like a dream within a dream, as it details the ventricle of light, which is my love for songwriting. Sometimes it is the one thing that has kept me alive. Sometimes real life has got in the way of my own songwriting progression, but thankfully I have continued to write.” 

The lyrical “dream within a dream” detailed by Ashe seems represented in ‘Vestibule Of Hell’s accompanying music video, as Ashe and his cohorts shift eerily in and out of focus against an explosive, kinetic backdrop of colours and patterns.


Odyssey: The Founder Of Dreams will release in full on 9th November via White Star Records, and  maintains thematic ties with its predecessor – 2015’s Odyssey: The Destroyer Of Worlds – charging once more into the battlefield of “Science vs. Faith”. Voices From The Fuselage continue to channel their talents, providing a sense of gravity and power to a melting pot of hard-to-swallow emotional experiences.

With the music penned predominantly by Scott Lockhart (drums) and lyrical passion resonating from O’Hara, Odyssey: The Founder Of Dreams combines all-new material with the refinement of numerous year’s work to create a sharp, impacting epic that will no doubt impress and enchant in equal measures.

The album also features a guest solo from Monuments guitarist Olly Steele who has a guest solo on the track ‘Machina’. The album was produced by John Mitchell (Lonely Robot, Arena, It Bites) who also runs White Star Records alongside Chris Hillman.

The band recently released the artwork and track list from Odyssey: The Founder of Dreams.

Track List
1. Via
2. The Monolith
3. Life On Titan
4. Nine Levels
5. Vault Of Heaven
6. Vestibule Of Hell
7. Grave Digging
8. Domus
9. Destitute
10. Machina