Happy weekend, everyone! Halloween has come and gone, so it’s time to nurse the candy hangovers and put off listening to Christmas music as long as humanly possible. This week we’re keeping it heavy, cause I’ve pulled some punk and death metal. Let’s get listening:

Wroht – Worship Rot

First up this weekend we’ve got Wroht, a death metal band out of California whose name I can never spell right on the first attempt. Seriously. My own failings aside, Wroht’s debut album, Worship Rot is a fun death metal romp. It’s not the fastest or the most groundbreaking album, but if you like bands like Cannibal Corpse, you’ll find that Wroht is a lot of fun. The tight, brisk songwriting and the technical chops the band brings to this album help make this a solid debut. If you’ve only got time to start with a couple tracks, I’d suggest “Worship Rot” and “Ephemeral Distortion” are the place to start.

Worship Rot came out October 30. You can check it out here: https://wroht.bandcamp.com/

Drug Church – Cheer

New York punk band Drug Church has been at it a while- Cheer is their third full-length release. On Cheer, the band have turned out a set of songs dealing with social anxiety, self-delusion and other themes relevant to the Facebook generation. Stylistically, Drug Church’s catchy tunes have a strong pop sensibility, and you might just find yourself sing along to tunes like “Dollar Story”. The band does forgo a lot of the polish and melody of pop-punk, but they try to make up for it with thoughtful, frequently self-deprecating lyrics. Cheer is not an immediately accessible album but it’s a good, thoughtful one that’ll reward the careful listener with loads to think about.

Cheer drops November 2. You can check out the single “Avoidarama” here:

Graven – Heirs of Discord

Rounding out the weekend is Heirs of Discord, the first album after five years from American extreme metallers Graven. Made up of former members of Swarm Of The Lotus and other scene vets, these guys have dropped one ferociously angry EP on the unsuspecting metalhead. Tracks such as “Backwards to Oblivion” shift frantically between riffs and ideas, dragging the listener along for a twisting ride with some seriously powerful drumming and bass. Extreme metal fans are not gonna want to miss this one.

Heirs of Discord arrives November 2 on Graven’s Negative Grade Records. You can check it out here: https://gravensound.bandcamp.com/