Hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa, Mad God release their new album Grotesque and Inexorable today. A swirling mass of slow-motion sludgey riffs and Lovecraftian psychedelia. The album is an exploration into new musical territory for the band. After the release of Tales of a Sightless City in 2017, Mad God have been aiming to evolve their sound to something darker and more unique.

“This album draws on much gloomier themes and the lyrics reflect this turn. The music itself is both dirtier and more progressive and as a band we tried to introduce a wider variety of influences – including death and black metal as well as more traditional and heavy metal sounds, even including some 70’s progressive rock. Comments guitarist/vocalist Tim HarbourHe adds, “The album title also reflects this change in sound, in other words “disgusting and cannot be stopped” (also as Lovecraftian fanboys we had to throw the word grotesque in somewhere).”


Grotesque and Inexorable is available now on all digital platforms including  Bandcamp   and iTunes

Watch the video for I Created God