Words by Nathan Mesti

Next month the gentlemen in the dual bass wielding powerhouse The Omnific will be playing shows with Osaka Punch to promote their latest single “Erin”.

I had the pleasure of a chat with Bassist Matt Fack and got to learn a bit about him as a musician. “I started playing when I was 14. I found a passion in it and started playing every day after school and eventually joining a band called Epimetheus, which was my first proper band. We played a few shows with Chelsea Grin which was pretty cool. That band just kind of died off after a while, the guitarist of Zeolite and the drummer of Ame Noire used to be in that band as well. Then I joined Blind Oracle pretty much from that band. We played a fair bit, did a few tours around the country and played with Thy Art, that got my touring experience up and I met more like minded musicians. Then this band was formed.”

Fack continues on to describe how the group was formed “I started doing this band while I was with Blind Oracle and I met Toby (Peterson-Stewart, the other bassist) when I demoed a song with him. We created the two bass band idea then, believing we were both pretty good at playing so we just thought it would work and it did. I think it’s just hit two years since we announced ourselves as a band. It never really came around because we planned, it just happened and then we went with it.


It was amazing to see the band go from a few vague Facebook posts from Toby and flourish into the acclaimed force that it has become, Fack commented that “It was quite surreal actually when we released our first video. We had a lot of assistance, especially from a Facebook page called Bass Players United who are really behind what we were doing. They helped us build up a following quite quickly, they’re really supportive of us and having those pages behind us helped us get our music out to people that wouldn’t have heard it otherwise.”



At first, the band was a duo until they recruited Drummer Jerome. “I knew Jerome through filling in for one of his other bands, Legerity. I think would be about a year and a half later we were looking for a drummer so I asked Jerome and he was keen on it.”


This reminded me of a story I heard a few years ago of a band called Legerity having to get their bassist to play outside as he was underage at the time, I was curious to know if Feck was that bassist… “Yes, that was me. I could hear everything quite well for most part so it wasn’t too hard to play but it was a bit odd and it was, I guess annoying but we got a lot of social media attention out of it so there’s that.”


I commented that it was quite a feat to go from not even being allowed in the venue due to being underage to going on east coast tours and having Darkglass Electronics literally bury them in hardware. “Darkglass are amazing! I have to say the best bass gear brand that you can get. We’re using pretty much all the pedals that we have from them, the Alpha Omega and B7K’s, but we haven’t put the new Microtubes X7 into our rigs yet. I was using the Super Symmetry which is a great compressor, I use it for everything. The new Comp has the Super Symmetry in it so I can use the exact same settings. It’s also got a few more models in it: we’re using one, I think is the FET, it just makes, especially the kind of music we’re playing, more sparkly and more aggressive.”



The guys take their good fortune and talent on the road “Starting with Osaka Punch next month, we are excited to play in Brisbane for the first time as since this band hasn’t been up there yet. We’re looking forward to seeing how it is up there for this style of music. With Cog, that’ll be our first big tour covering most of the major cities on the East Coast. I think there’s a few regional towns in there on the second weekend which we haven’t played so I’m looking forward to that. All of us are. Playing with bands that are very well known is awesome and they all seem like extremely genuine people. The Melbourne show has already sold out too so that that’s huge! I have a feeling a lot of the shows will end up selling out, I guess: get your tickets quick people!”


As mentioned earlier, the guys are touring in support of their latest single “Erin”, “We went with a more atmospheric vibe for it. There’s definitely some heavy parts but the overall picture is a lot more atmospheric. I wrote that in hospital, because of my diabetes I have ended up in there a few times. It was my nurse’s name and it stuck to the song, it was the working title I saved it as. We couldn’t think of a better name and it fits the song perfectly.”

 To me it sounded like an ode or a love song, “It’s definitely got that kind of vibe to it. The chord choices are a bit more like relaxing and soothing than energetic.”

Looking forward, Feck tells me that “We just finished writing a new release and getting the recordings going for it, we’re recording drums with Forrester Savell who mixed “Erin” so we’re looking forward to how that’s going to sound. It won’t be out until next year though. OH, and we’ve got a new music video for “Erin” coming out very soon.”

The Omnific certainly have a lot of forward momentum going for them as well as a lot for fans to look forward to!

Grab tickets to either the Osaka Punch or Cog shows HERE!