Happy weekend, everyone! We made it through another week, AND it’s almost Halloween. Here’s a roundup of some of the best new bands and releases coming up this weekend.


Samskaras – Lilithfication

First up, we have Quebec death metal duo Samskaras’ sophomore EP, Lilithfication. This short-but-sweet EP packs in four songs of gloomy driving technical death metal. Each track strikes an appealing balance between the melodic and the technical, with lots of dark riffs kicking around. Vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Eric Burnet also has a terrific growl- it’s thick and powerful but also clear and easy to understand. He also works some more pitched screams in, which is a cool idea that’s a bit uneven in it’s execution. I wasn’t a fan of their use on the first track, “Reconciliation”, but thought they were better used on “Alignment”. Overall, it’s a solid EP that will appeal to fans of bands like Despised Icon, Gorguts, and the like.

Lilithfication is out Oct. 26. You can check it out at https://samskarasmetal.bandcamp.com

Amigo The Devil – Everything is Fine

Confession time: I didn’t actually know that “murder folk” was a genre until this album landed in my inbox. Lucky me, Everything is Fine is probably the best intro I could have to this genre. Amigo The Devil has dropped an album of gorgeous, dark confessional songs on us, loaded with grim yet gorgeous lyrics. Musically, it blends American folk with dark country and bluegrass influences – kind of like if Jack White went really goth. The production as a whole is dynamite, but the guitars on this record are particularly gorgeous, especially on some of the sparser arrangements – the breathing room lets you hear every note and slide. If you only have time for one song, start with lead single “Cocaine and Abel” or  “I Hope Your Husband Dies”, which is absolutely romantic, dark, and hilarious all at the same time.

Everything is Fine came out Oct 19. You can check out lead single “Cocaine and Abel” here:

Karmic Link – Dark Metropolis

Rounding out the weekend, we’ve got Dark Metropolis, the third album from multinational metallers Karmic Link. Karmic Link blends power metal with old-school industrial and synthpop influences. It’s a bit of an odd album, veering from harsh, angsty tracks such as “Dark Metropolis” straight to the upbeat, poppy “The Tone of C”. A lot of the music is reminiscent of bands like Delain and Kamelot, but without the powerful singing that both bands are known for. Vocalist Stathis Kassios has good growls, but his singing voice is weak, especially against such a heavy backdrop. I wanted to like this (as, quite honestly, I want to like anything industrial), but unfortunately it’s just a bit of a mess.

Dark Metropolis came out Oct 19. You can check out the track “Random Phantom” here:


That’s all she wrote, folks – see you next week!