A good friend of mine hadn’t yet heard of the absolute magical musical ear trip that is Osaka Punch until I sent him a link to one of their clips recently. His reply made me laugh out loud and also was one of the best analogies for the band’s sound I have ever heard. Chatting to Reggie aka Brenton Page from Osaka Punch last night I mentioned my friends response after listening to the band for the first time; which was ‘Faaarrrk, That was unexpected, I love it! It was like 12 Foot Ninja and Fiona Apple had a jazz baby!’ Reggie clearly approved of this description.

“Fucking yes! *laughs* Nailed it. Yeah people are always like so what do you guys sound like? What genre are you? And we are like well it is kind of hard to say so that’s a good one, I might use that actually!”

Osaka Punch are well known for their hard hitting, energetic live performances. This year has been huge for the guys with them supporting The Butterfly Effect and Mammal as well as playing Dead of Winter Festival in Brisbane. Things are not slowing down with shows coming up with The Omnific, and then supporting Living Colour in December. Next year kicks off with a bang too as they have scored support for Cog.

“We have had a good, fun year. We have been really fortunate with some of the touring opportunities we have had this year. The Butterfly Effect at the start of the year then ended up with us landing the Mammal tour as well. Our plan for this year went to complete shit *laughs*, like for good reasons though! Our plan was to release an album this year. So we had this plan last year like fuck yeah this year was fun, we are going to knuckle down and get this album finished and release it next year and tour. Then literally a week later we get this email saying do you guys want to do The Butterfly Effect tour and we were like *laughs* yes, yes we do! So we thought oh we will push things back a little bit, we can knuckle down and do the album after this. Then half way through that tour at the Triffid show, we got offered the Mammal tour! We were like well ok, we will definitely do that. We will just push things back a tiny bit, we will be fine. Then we got to the point where we were like we are not going to get the album done this year! So then the plan was to release a single this year in November, which also didn’t fucking end up happening. So these shows coming up with The Omnific were originally going to be a little single run for us because this is a single run for them, They have released a new single called Erin. We are looking forward to it; it will be a lot of fun.

Then with Living Colour, we were like Wow! They were one of the first bands that started doing that kind of prog/funk/heavy stuff. So when I saw they were coming back I thought oh that would be really cool but you know we are knuckling down and doing our album. Then we got an email from their management saying do you guys want to play the Brisbane show and we were like fuck, yes, yes we do! I am really looking forward to meeting them and watching them play.

Getting support for Cog is killer. We all listen to different tunes. Dane listens to a lot of stuff, he went to jazz school so he has that jazz background and he also is into some extreme metal. Jack listens to a lot of soul, RnB, pop stuff even. Then Chrispy is a big metal head but then he will also listen to Regurgitator and Bjork and stuff like that. I am the same. We all love different stuff but there are a few bands that we all love and Cog is definitely one of those bands. All the shows we have got coming up I am really excited about.”

Osaka Punch are a Brisbane band and being from Brisbane myself we talked a little about the music scene here. With the upcoming Living Colour show being held at the Triffid, Reggie enthused about some of our live music venues why he loves our music family here in Brisbane.

“The Triffid is a great space, great venue. Going to see bands there is awesome, but also from a performers point of view, it is just awesome. You can tell it has been done up by a bunch of people who have played in bands before. Brisbane is really lucky to have it. Originally I am actually from Townsville, I grew up in Townsville. I had this kind of idea like oh Melbourne and Sydney, that’s where the real music scene is. But after I had been here for a year and then after 10 years of touring and stuff, Brisbane is just fucking kicking ass!  I am not just saying that because I am from here but the Brisbane scene is great. We have got a bunch of great venues; the people here are super supportive. Some places people can be a little bit snobbish with music but Brisbane is just like we are just here to have a fucking good time, let’s do this!”

With the last year being so crazily busy with amazing gigs and tours for the Osaka guys, we touched on what the plan is for next year. Fans are bound to be happy with the awesome list of shows, tours and then a new single and album on the way.

“The plan we have is that for the rest of the year we will finish these shows and then the plan is to release a single and film clip before the Cog tour next year. Then after that, we will be back in the studio and finishing the album. The plan is to release it mid to late next year and then do a headline tour off that.”