Words: Ellie Bozzi
Photos: Dylan Martin

There’s nothing like a couple of DJ sets to get the party started in anticipation for a huge sold out hardcore punk show! Hellions are a great band, but their new album (especially live) is an absolute game changer. The Northcote Social Club is filled with good vibes and friendly staff as usual, as people down a few beers in anticipation.

Melbourne’s very own Pagan kicks off the night with a killer DJ Set. The band as a whole has previously been described as ‘A well made Margarita pizza: Filled with saucy riffs (tomato sauces), shredded bass (cheese) and aggressive howling (basil)’ This is also an accurate representation of their banger-filled DJ Set getting the party started with endless energy.

Nobody complains about the lack of supporting bands when everyone’s favourite AM//PM DJ Scooter takes the stage, and supplies us with some more grade A tunes and fun times. The room continues to pack out, creating hype from all directions, while the crowd prepares for the feature of the night. I’ve never seen The Northcote Social so full, but after all, the show sold out!

Earlier in the day, Hellions completed a crazy in-store signing at 24Hundred, which to no surprise was also filled with fans and excitement. Pre-show signings are always a great way to continue to get people involved and have presented hundreds of people with the opportunity to meet their idols. Fans were grateful for the opportunity to meet the band during the day day in Richmond.

9:30pm comes around and the immovable crowd’s intensity grew, until the band exhilaratingly enter the stage and continue to confirm that Melbourne’s hardcore punk scene is well and truly alive in full swing. Frontman Dre Faivre rocks the stage with his signature blonde mop of hair, accompanied by a cool yellow striped shirt, emphasising the band’s laid back style. From the first moment of their set, through to the end, Hellions capture the full attention of the whole crowd and have them involved and moving, even the back stragglers.

The band takes the time to genuinely thank the crowd for supporting them from day one and for endless caring and showing up. If you weren’t a huge hellions fan before walking through that door, you were 100% going to be when walking out.  This is especially true with the release of their new album ‘Rue’ which takes the quality Hellions standard to a whole new level. These songs performed live are absolutely hectic and it’s highly encouraged for you to head to UNIFY Gathering 2019 to catch them there.

The band’s consistent energy throughout the show, doesn’t let the crowd down for even a moment. Their set contains a typical ‘lighter’ song, with not so typical still heavy song 24. The show ends with an impressive last two songs of Smile and Thresher, where quickly after, Faivre jumped into the pit for a crowdsurf, in true hardcore fashion, leaving the crowd on a big high.