If there is one thing that’s thriving in Melbourne, it’s the music scene, especially in the metal genre. One of the bands that’s doing big things is The Ascended. The Ascended has had a big year so far, putting out a new music video, and touring a lot. We managed to get some time with frontman Mat Wale to talk about the band and the whirlwind year they’ve had so far.

First, I asked Mat about the latest music video for their single Drag Me To Hell. “We took the song and what it was about, which is the slow decent into hell. Someone going through the cycle of turning into a demon and going to hell.” Mat also went on to say “Then we talked to our director and he threw some ideas out and we blended that into what we have now.” “It’s pretty much an interpretation lyrically of what the song is about.”

The Ascended seem to constantly be touring and I asked Mat how shows they’d played so far. “6 or 7 so far on this tour, but overall I think we’re up to 8 or 9.” With a laugh he also went on to say “We’ve done a lot of touring with this band, it’s pretty much all we do.” I then asked how the tour has been going so far. “We’re having a ball, starting to get a little tired but we’re nearly at the end. We’re having fun.” I then asked if he had a favourite show of the tour so far. “Excluding the album launch, out favourite show so far was the one we just played in Melbourne with Triple Kill, Trigger and Beast Impalor.

Next I asked Mat if the band had a favourite band to play shows with. “I think we each have a different favourite, we’ll always love playing with The Motion Below.” Pausing, Mat then also went on to say “In terms of line-ups, Triple Kill, Trigger and Beast Impalor. It was a really solid, good lineup.” I then asked if there were any bands, locally or internationally that The Ascended would like to tour with “We’d love to play with some of the big guys like Trivium, Killswitch Engage, anyone like that that we’re inspired by.” Personally, I’d love to see Trivium and The Ascended on the same bill! Mat also added “Locally, we’d love to tour with Desecrator. We’re both really thrashy. Orpheus Omega would be really cool to tour with. Those two are at the top of our list.”

When I asked Mat where that tour would take place, here, or overseas he said “We’ll tour anyplace, anywhere with those bands. We’d love to to do it in Australia, but really anywhere in the world, we’re not going to limit ourselves.” In terms of places to tour, I asked Mat if there was anywhere specifically that The Ascended would like to tour most. “It’s a toss up between North America and Europe. They’re the big ones bands love to do.” Mat also went on to say “We would LOVE to do Europe, it’s on the top of our list. It’d be an amazing place to play but touristy as well, we’d love to do that. There’d be a lot to see, a lot of countries.” Wrapping up on touring plans, Mat said “The music scene in Europe is at the top of the list.”

Hailing from Warnambool in country Victoria, The Ascended do a lot of driving to play shows and I asked Mat who was the one who drove. “Braden (Dawson, bass). We pretty much take his car to all the gigs. So he’s kinda the man behind the wheel most of the time.” Expaning on this further, Mat adds “Good 60% of the driving is done by Braden and Corey (Vergaegh, guitar) the other 40%.” I asked Mat if he drove at all and with a laugh he answered, “I don’t really do much of the driving it’s pretty much between Braden and Corey.”

Next, I asked Mat who got to choose the playlist for the car journey.“It’s pretty collective, Braden’s got the main control and we can flick him our recommendations. If it’s a long drive we compile a playlist between the four of us.” Mat also says “Whoever is driving home gets to choose the music because they’re the one that has to drive.” He also added “We always listen to the bands we’re gonna play with on the night on the way to the gig as well.”

2019 was the next topic, and I asked Mat what the plans were for the new year, be it new music, or touring. “All of the above! We’re hard-working, we don’t stop. We’ve already started to fill out 2019. We’re aiming to fulfil some aspirations of touring outside of Australia.” Continuing, Mat also says “No music in the first half of the year because we need to get some rest in as well but we’re working on it.” I then asked what was left for 2018 as the band are still on tour. “There’s four shows left but, 2 of them are a secret for now. We’re playing in Warnambool on October 27th, and Geelong Melted Festival on November 3rd.” So keep your eyes out for those final two tour announcements to find out what the secret is! Finally, Mat wanted to tell the fans “We really appreciate anyone who comes out, and listens to us and buys our merch. We’ll continue to do our best for you guys for as long as we can.”

Grab your tickets to see The Ascended at in Warnambool on Saturday HERE!