Sinsaenum have lost no time in making their presence known, hitting the ground running in support of their latest album ‘Repulsion for Humanity’. I had the pleasure of speaking with guitarist and founder Frédéric Leqlercq about their new album and what it means to him. “I came up with the title and I wrote most of the lyrics for the songs. It’s about duality, I have friends and a social life and whatnot but in general, I don’t really like humanity and I don’t really like mankind. I think we’re just a waste of space. I mean I love my friends and I get connection with people that have common interests so in a way the fact that I have this repulsion for humanity is stupid because it’s all seen though my selfish person. We have brains and we try to think that we can use them properly but I think we’re just, again, a waste of space. This a little bit ironic and tongue in cheek.”

An honest point of view of which he began to dive deeper into, “I prefer spending time with animals, just give me animals and my wife and I’ll be happy. At the same time, like I said, I can be very social. I’m enjoying this conversation and enjoying sitting down with people and interacting and getting to know them but I think it’s just that, with each generation and the way people express themselves on social media, everybody has to be so politically correct and you can’t say shit about anything, it is tiring. I don’t think we’re going in the right direction and unfortunately there isn’t any way we can go back, it’ll just keep getting worse and worse and worse until we explode and then, it’ll be fine. We’ll all be dead by then.”

It could be easy to mistake the band as a supergroup due to it’s roster of musicians that have been a part of many highly influential groups over the years. “Well, it’s just us playing music, we are friends and play music but people from the outside call it a supergroup. Joey comes from Slipknot, I play in Dragonforce. We have Atilla Csihar from Mayhem, though he did not do much on this new album because he was busy with the other band. Everybody has a history from another band so put together looks like a supergroup. It’s just something that happens in music I guess, If you brought in actors from different movies to make a movie, it’s just a movie right? To us, we are a band. If people want to call us a supergroup that’s fine too but for us it is a band of people with a common interest in playing music, playing death metal.


Leqlercq goes on to say that this was not the planned design for the band, it all just came together while he was writing the first album “Echoes of the Tortured”. “The first album was something I wrote over the years and wanted it to be the perfect death metal album to me. I’m not saying it is the perfect for everyone or whatever but to me, I wanted to have a perfect mix of all the band’s that I like and grew up listening to. So the first album was by the book because I wanted to respect the code of the genre. Coming from Dragonforce, I had a lot to prove. I was a little stressed in that sense, I didn’t want people to turn away just because I was a bassist in a power metal band.

I wrote most of the songs in parts without knowing who was going to play the band. It was just written for me by myself. With ‘Ashes’ onwards, writing songs knowing who was behind the drums, who is singing and also have more interaction with the musicians, we followed a road. We defined our sound and that’s how ‘Repulsion for Humanity’ is a continuation of ‘Ashes’.”

Often times playing in a bigger band, even one as big as Dragonforce, can’t tick all the boxes. With musicians, there is a desire to perform but more importantly a desire to create. “My close friends know than I am into to death metal, when they heard Sinsaenum they were like “Ahh, finally! That’s you.” That’s great. I feel so lucky to be able to express myself as a musician and to live as a musician which I’ve been doing for quite awhile now thanks to Dragonforce and that’s great but also I really wanted to be able to express that side of my personality that most people didn’t know about.”


As this is Sinsaenum‘s first tour as a live band, I was curious to know how Leclercq feels about their touring situation and how it affects him personally.

“This is our first tour, we just played our 20th gig yesterday in Copenhagen. We’re very excited too because some people thought that this was like an All-Star Band or a supergroup while others were thinking it was a studio project. It’s been good! We’re playing extreme music, it’s underground. We aren’t playing large audiences and that intimacy is great! As this is our first tour, we’re starting from zero again which is exciting at the same time. We go out and talk to the fans and get to know what they thought of the gig. Everywhere we’ve been, the reaction has been super positive which is great and we’re building from this. Also it’s great to be playing death metal every night, I love it. This is my favorite side of music and I’m very happy to see this come to life and be able to travel Europe and the world with this project.”

That tour extends to Australia And New Zealand in November! Grab tickets from HERE!