Joey Jordison is definitely one of the few musicians that has experienced more than most ever will. From forming Slipknot, one of the greatest heavy bands ever to grace the world stage, the horror punk/metal project Murderdolls, filling in for the almighty Metallica at one stage, he’s done it all. He felt like that wasn’t enough however, and has since started a blinding, relentless, chaotic blackened death metal supergroup under the title Sinsaenum (A mash up of words ‘Sin’ and ‘Insane’), with acclaimed bassist of Dragonforce Frédéric Leclercq, Mayhem vocalist Attila Csihar, guitarist Stéphane Buriez, second vocalist Sean Zatorsky, and bassist Heimoth.

We were more than lucky to sit down with Jordison, who could not contain his excitement for the upcoming Sinsaenum Australian tour. “The whole band is incredibly excited to perform in Australia for the first time, it’s one of my favourite places to play and it’s always a privilege to come down and perform for our fans in the country.”

Being the band’s first experience in Australia, Jordison has had many different opportunities in the land down under, reminiscing of the times that he came down with Slipknot and Murderdolls. “I honestly can’t remember the last time that I was down in Australia,” Jordison explains. “I think it was with Murderdolls around 2011-2012 or Slipknot on the 2012 Soundwave lineup?”

With the excruciatingly years-long difference in his visits in Australia, Jordison has missed so many different aspects of our beautiful country, detailing that he “misses the nice weather, the fans and the culture.” He continues to explain that he’s never had one bad show performance in Australia, whether it be with Murderdolls or Slipknot. “When we come down to Australia, it doesn’t matter whether or not we’re playing in a stadium or a small club, doesn’t matter about anything; all that matters is the fact that we have the opportunity to bring down such a cool brand of Blackened Death Metal, it’s all about the atmosphere of the shows”.

There is a lot of speculation within the music industry as to how a band can conduct themselves in such a professional manner whilst all being international (with Jordison residing in the USA, Leclercq residing in France). With such experienced members in the music industry however, the distance was barely a dilemma. “At the time of the fruition of the band, it was mainly just an idea at the time. Leclercq had been working on this project since 1998 on and off, I started receiving demo’s and we starting collaborating on ideas and deciding on who to bring into the project.” Joey continues to develop on this topic; “I hadn’t met any of the other members prior to the band forming except for Leclercq, and he mentioned Zatorsky, who was the perfect  decision, as he is one of the most incredibly talented vocalists I’ve ever come across. I am unsure however, about Attila’s position at the band at the moment, since he has a huge influx of projects that he’s working on, but Zatorsky will definitely be at the upcoming shows in Australia!”

Before the upcoming Australian tour, Sinsaenum have had the opportunity to perform material from their new album ‘Repulsion for Humanity’ on their successful European tour, giving the band time to warm up to the songs live and get an insight into the atmosphere into their shows. “Each night, it really depends on how the crowd is feeding off of us, their energy and their intensity. Final Resolve has always been a super, super heavy track that just keeps getting the crowds riled up and extreme, Army fans always freak out, they’re all just super interesting to play in their own right.”

The differences between Slipknot and Sinsaenum are highly distinguishable, from the sizes of the bands, to the style and overall delivery in their music. “Performing in both the bands has definitely been a challenging task. However, performing in Sinsaenum has made me step up my game a lot, and I like having that challenge. It makes me a better drummer period, it’s been an interesting evolution in the last decade, that’s for sure. I like to push myself to the best of my abilities, performing with and constructing drum parts for Sinsaenum is definitely not easy, but that’s why I love it”.

Being a past (original) member of Slipknot, Jordison has had many trips to Australia, and he feels that this coming Sinsaenum will be just as wild as his past shows in the country. “Every time I’ve been to Australia, I’ve been graced with loving fans, meeting people that we’ve touched, doing interviews, but the main thing I love about Australia is the fact that we have the opportunity to go there in the first place.” Jordison doesn’t hold back on his love and admiration for the country, continuing, “I have many friends that have always wanted to go to Australia, even just for a vacation, and that’s exactly what it is to me; a vacation. I always look forward to seeing that part of the world, because I always feel like it’s a privilege that I will never take for granted”.

Joey Jordison is undoubtedly an intellectual individual, whilst also being incredibly humble and interesting. Fans can expect a lot from this upcoming tour with Sinsaenum, with Jordison elaborating; “Fans can expect nothing but pure, brutal death metal. We’re gonna come down there and give the best show we can; we’re incredibly thankful for the opportunity, and we cannot wait to see you at these upcoming shows!”

Purchase Sinsaenum’s latest album ‘Repulsion for Humanity HERE, and purchase tickets to the upcoming tour HERE!