While this album was originally released in Sweden in 2010 it didn’t get a world wide release until very recently. Finally bringing this album out of the depths and releasing it through their label, Skraeckoedlan are providing the fans closure after 8 years of waiting (if they didn’t live in Sweden).

With the album opening into a bang, “Varldanas Fall” brought the progressive stoner rock out straight away. Although the repetition may annoy some people they kept the changes in sound regular to keep the listener interested.

Moving from this into a slightly slower song, “Soluppgang” gave the listeners the in time headbanging tempo they want. With more vocals within the song, Skraeckoedlan kept the consistency flowing throughout the song, riffs and all.

Following into “Chronos”, the band kept the theme simple yet strong. Bellowing guitar and bass combos combined with the heavy hitting of the drums gave the sense of strength behind the song.

“Appeltradet” gave a slow mix of old school Queens of the Stone Age mixed with a stoner metal vibe. Scaling the range on vocals to a higher sound than previous songs, Robert Lamu proved that stoner metal can have something different than the same bland sound most bands in the genre produce.

Picking up the pace again the band went into “Haven” with a mission to give the audience listening something to mosh hard to. With duel vocals from Robert Lamu and Tim Angstrom the song had more depth throughout, and a change in tempo provided the fresh feel to it too.

They moved straight into “Doedaroedlan” which was unfortunately one of the weaker songs on the album. Considering the album was released 8 years ago and is now being re released for the rest of the world it surprisingly fits well into todays stoner metal sound.

“Universe” told a story of travelling through space and time while keeping the stoner vibe alive. Despair shrouded throughout and made it a believable track to fit a Sci fi movie.

Next up was “Cactus” where they took the pace up a notch from Universe but calmed down on the vocals. This one wasn’t as strong with me personally either as it dragged on and didn’t seem like it had as much direction as the previous bangers on the album.

Coming closer to the end of the album, “Fagelsang” brought life back into the album, with guitar licks jumping in there from time to time along side the drums. This was much more crowd pleasing and was most likely recorded for live performance.

“Rokh” closed out the album with some out of time tempo change, travelling bass lines, and guitar to go with it. Definitely a song that they kept to close out a live show, given the length of the song and how they could change the outro if need be.

While the album wasn’t super strong overall, Skraeckoedlan’s album from 2010 weirdly fits well into 2018 and  will surely push them to a bigger audience worldwide. If you’re a stoner metal fan and you haven’t given them a listen then NOW’S YOUR CHANCE!