Swedish classic/progressive rock supergroup THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA have released 2 new short video webisodes in which they talk about their musical and non musical influences.

Check out the video below.

Commented the band: “There are people who argue that rock ‘n’ roll ain’t what it used to be. That going to a rock show these days is a safe, boring and conformistic experience. Well, those people have never seen THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA live and in action. Because once you do, you will soon start to expect the impossible, dream the unimaginable, receive the undeliverable and forget about everything else except for the drunken, delirious, ecstatic experience of the here and now as everything you thought that you had left behind you becomes an emergency in the resolute urgency of now!

Bear witness to the ballerinas, the dancing elephants, the disco lights and the mind-altering killer whale stroboscopes as THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA enters your hometown on their evangelical European Tour this winter, preaching the gospel of hedonism, gluttony, synthesizer solos and human rights for everyone able to appreciate the infinite powers of the distorted disco bass guitar!

For those of you wanting something to commemorate the inevitable amnesia of spending a night out on the town with THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA, we also have a competition in collaboration with our friends at ESP guitars, where you can win an LTD guitar signed by and decorated by the members of THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA.”

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