Hey again! It’s once again time to check out some cool new metal for your weekend playlist, with your favorite Canadian. Let’s get started!

Dungeonhammer – Infernal Moon

First up, we’ve got the debut album from French/Dutch black metal duo Dungeonhammer, Infernal Moon. Woven with thrash metal influences and a sense of fun, the opening tracks “Infernal Moon” and “Sworn in Blood” are kickass tuns to bang your head to. A lot of the later longer songs do drag a bit, particularly “Perpetual Funeral Wheel”, and the later tracks get a little repetitive. Overall the songwriting could definitely be tighter throughout most of the album. Despite this, the music and production are both solid – just lo-fi enough to capture the vibe of classic black metal productions, but still crisp enough that everything comes through. Stylistically, Dungeonhammer keeps it simple, forgoing keyboards and intricate arrangements in favor of pure riffs. Overall, it’s a little longer than it needs to be, but Infernal Moon still has some good evil riffage for you to check out.


Infernal Moon is out now on Pulverised Records. You can stream it at https://pulverised.bandcamp.com/album/infernal-moon

Once – After Earth

With big orchestral arrangements, choirs in abundance, and soaring vocals, it’s clear that German metallers Once are planning to be the next big thing in symphonic metal. After listening to their debut album, After Earth, I’d say they have a good chance of making that reality. After Earth is epic in scope and brilliantly executed, loaded with rich, detailed orchestrations and heavy riffs. Vocalist Alina Lesnik more than holds her own against the massive songs, with vocal stylings very reminiscent of greats such as Simone Simons. The band has also invested in a killer production – this album sounds incredible, especially for their first major release. After Earth is a seriously impressive debut, and a must-listen for symphonic metal fans – you might just have a new favorite band on your hands.


After Earth drops Oct 19 on Pride and Joy Music. You can check out the video for “The Hour of Eden’s Fall” here:

Barus – Drowned

We’ll round out the weekend by checking out Barus. Their first full-length, Drowned, sounds like someone ran a progressive metal band through the nine circles of hell, then sat them down to record the results. I mean this in a good way, by the way. Barus applies shifting progressive structures to death and black-metal style instrumentation, with the deepest growls I’ve heard in some time. The drumming is fantastic, the riffs are powerful, and the leads are loaded with menace and fantastic dissonant moments that give this album a chilling atmosphere. It’s a well produced album, as well – everything sounds really good, and none of the more subtle flourishes get lost in the metal. If you’re a fan of bands like Gojira and Meshuggah, this is one you should put on your shopping list.

Drowned is out Oct 22 on Memento Mori. You can check out the track “Descry” here: