Wither’s rise has been sudden and vicious, their debut release, Nothing To No One shattered expectations of the whispered super group’s talent. First single from the EP Rot And I gave audiences Marionette, a harrowing nightmare of a single and now, with an EP around the corner and their first show in a few weeks time, Wither have released Cast Out into the world.

Engineered, mixed and mastered by the band’s guitarist and producer Jamie Marinos (Alpha Wolf, Arkive, Pridelands, Thornhill) ‘Rot And I’ is the culmination of Wither’s vision and hint of their intent. Honest and creative story-telling combined with technical precision and exceptional musicality has turned what started as a jam band, into a creative and artistic powerhouse.

With their EP on the horizon, Wither will be playing their first show at Melbourne’s The Workers Club on Saturday November 3rd, bringing local heavyweights AdvocatesAnticline and Above, Below (SYD) along for the gripping first live taste of Wither.

Pre orders for Rot And I are available here

Pre orders for Wither’s EP Launch available here.