The first time I met Anty from The Bennies was at Crowbar in Brisbane after a gig of theirs earlier this year. We passed each other as I was on my way out of the toilets and he was on his way in. I complemented him on an awesome gig and he high fived me. I started to chat and he said “Look I don’t mean to be rude but I am going to simultaneously shit my pants and vomit everywhere so I gotta go!” I reminded him of this as we started to chat and this was a great ice breaker as we both laughed pretty hard. This is the thing everyone loves about The Bennies though. They are down to earth, super fun party animals that will make you laugh and hit you with awesome music all at once. The Bennies are headlining Halloween Hysteria alongside King Parrot and an epic line up of awesome and talented bands next weekend at the Jubilee Hotel in Brisbane. Brisbane has had Dead Of Winter, we have had Lagerfest, now it is time for Halloween Hysteria to bring the goods and Brisbane music fans can’t wait!

If you check out The Bennies Facebook page it states that they are ‘Psychedelic, Reggae, Ska, Doom, Metal, Punk, Rock from hell’ which is quite the mouthful. I asked Anty if he thought that explained the band well.

“Yeah I reckon it is pretty good and if not I think it just sends out some confusion which is part of The Bennies shtick anyway so that’s perfect.“

I pointed out that the only word that is not in there is party and when I think of The Bennies I think of a party!

“Yeah that is fucking weird hey! That should have been in there!” *laughs*

Speaking of a party, Halloween Hysteria is going to be a huge one! Anty enthused about how amazing the lineup is and reflected on playing Dead Of Winter a few times in the past, which is held at the same venue.

“It’s so good. I am so excited! We have been lucky enough to play Dead Of Winter a few times too and that festival is so sick and the Jubilee has been so good to us and so to be able to go back for another sick lineup is just so exciting. I can tell you the bands I am keen to see, but just before I do though, it doesn’t exclude the fact that I have forgotten other bands because there are so many good ones! The main ones I guess, well I have never seen VOIID before and I am really keen to see them, I love Press Club so much, seeing them is always sick. I have never seen, I think they are from Melbourne as well, Bakers Eddy, I have been listening to them a bit and really digging that. King Parrot and Hard-Ons as well. Also Hanny-J is fucking wicked. If I had the line up in front of me I would just be saying yes yes yes to all the bands, but it sounds insincere because it sounds like something you are supposed to say in an interview but I am legitimately very, very excited about the line up for this festival. When we got asked to play we didn’t know the full line up, we just knew a few of the bands and then when we got told a few more we were like what the fuck? This is awesome! It is going to be a good set for us; we are playing a bunch of new songs. We played a show in Melbourne last Friday and it was the first time that we got to play like four or so songs that we have been working on that we are going to start recording real soon. So it will be our second time playing a bunch of new songs and it is so exciting.”

Being a Halloween festival, I asked Anty about the costumes the band has mentioned in recent Facebook posts. Whilst the costumes are to remain a surprise, his response got me even more intrigued as to what they will be gracing the stage in.

“Yeah we are dressing up for the gig, I don’t want to reveal anything, it is actually pretty shitty but I think it is really really funny. I am into it; I think it is quite cheeky. It might be lost on a few people but I think it is going to be funny. “

The Bennies have played with a lot of awesome bands over the years and recently landed support for the Party Hard king himself, Andrew WK. I asked the self proclaimed Party Machine about how much of a party time it was playing gigs with Andrew WK. We even talked about Brisbane’s party pirates Lagerstein because Mother Junkst and The Majestic Beast are big fans and went to Melbourne to catch the gig.

“Yeah it was kind of like stars aligning, we couldn’t really think of anything more perfect for us. As soon as we saw it was announced we were like we have got to get on this, like we will do it for two bucks *laughs* this is too hilariously perfect! It was a lot of fun. Lagerstein are a cool band, they are a lot of fun, it is a shame we haven’t crossed paths more. It hasn’t quite worked out yet, I think that is what happens with busy bands you know.”

The Bennies are always a good time! They hit the stage at the Jubilee Hotel in Brisbane on Saturday the 27th of October for Halloween Hysteria then after that you can catch them at the Civic Sounds Laneway Festival with Regurgitator at Cherry Bar in Melbourne and at Frankie’s Pizza By The Slice in Sydney on December 2nd.

Purchase tickets for Halloween Hysteria here.