Fall and Resist Release New Single Severity!

Fall and Resist release new single Severity from upcoming debut album “Fading Cinders” due out on November 12th. The song is raw, with great growling vocals, but finds a way to be melodic as well. This song will definitely leave a lasting impression on the listener!

Fall and Resist Come from a variety of different musical background such as Technical Death Metal, Metalcore and Indie Rock, the members of Fall and Resist strive to create music that speaks to their audience. Their sound is essentially a mongrel of sorrowful melody and hostile aggression designed to reflect the harsh realities of this life. With blistering drums, driving song structures, hook-filled melodies and the occasional acoustic interlude, Fall and Resist have begun to develop their style into an energetic powerhouse. Their new album entitled “Fading Cinders” will be released on November 12th!

Band Members

Benito – Drums
Rory – Bass
Brendon – Guitar / Backing Vocals
Frosty – Guitar / Vocals
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