Amaranthe is back with a new album entitled, “Helix”. This is the first album to feature new clean male vocalist Nils Molin. This is also the 5th studio album they have released and their most dynamic to date. “Helix” feels like the first four albums have been leading to this massive breakthrough of the perfect Amaranthe album. Don’t get me wrong, every Amaranthe album has been a great album. “Helix” feels like all the best songs from the first four albums on one album. This album smacks you right in the mouth and never stops coming. It is undeniably one of the best albums of the year. My first listen to this album gave me goosebumps.

Of course everyone is wondering how Molin‘s voice gels with Elize Ryd (clean female vocals) and Henrik Wilhelmsson (growling vocals). I think Molin was destined to be in Amaranthe, that is how perfect his voice fits in with Elize and Henrik. I have actually seen Amaranthe twice live since Molin joined the band and he did a great job with the earlier songs. Now we get the opportunity to hear what he sounds like on an album that was written with him in mind, and the results are stunning! Hearing the new songs live is going to be a real treat.

The first single from the album is 365 which also has a great video. The energy of this song explodes right from the first word Elize sings. Her intensity in the chorus is raw and powerful. Henrik mixing in his signature growling vocals which is fantastic as always. When Molin launches into his fist verse of the song, you realize in that moment just how great of an addition he is to the band. One of the things that really surprised me was how great his voice gels with Henrik‘s growls. I never had any doubt he would gel with Elize. Molin‘s vocals are intense and his voice has a great tone to it. This is classic Amaranthe, but it has ascended to the next level. The guitar is also very edgy and gives the song a head banging feel in parts. In another part you have Elize just singing with a much softer voice that is very soothing. This song has it all and really gives you a feel for what lies ahead. The ride throughout the whole album is incredible.

The next song on the album which also is the third single on the album is Inferno. This is another song that just exploded from the beginning. Elize opens with her intense quickly paced vocals, follow by Henrik tearing it up with his growl. The chorus with Elize and Molin is catchy and sounds great with them singing in unison. In fact the whole album is full of great choruses. This whole song has a blistering pace and the vocals and music tear right through you. Olof Morck gets to show off his supreme guitar ability in a quick solo, but his guitar in all songs is a driving force that can’t be missed. The song is like controlled chaos, and by the end it has totally blown your mind.

The third song, which was the second single is Countdown. The video is creepy to say the least. Definitely different from the typical Amaranthe video. I should mention if you don’t watch videos, make sure to check out Amaranthe’s on You Tube. They make some of the best videos in the business. The song itself is another high energy song like most of the album. The song starts with Elize singing more with a pop music vibe that kicks it up a notch a couple verses in. Once again we have Henrik tearing it up with his great growling vocals. Molin comes in with his first verse and then alternates verses with Henrik. It is incredible to listen to how they sing off of each other. By the middle of this song it is as raw as an Amaranthe song can get. This is another song that is like three songs combined into one, but it works perfectly. I should mention Morten Sørensen on drums and Johan Andreassen on bass who are a huge part of the driving, quick paced sound that is a signature of this album.

I always like to feature songs that have videos when I write reviews so you can go have a listen to them, especially when the album is not out yet. But there are so many great songs on this album! The title track Helix is another song that has a great vibe the entire song. It also includes a catchy guitar solo by Morck. Another incredible song is Dream which has such a great positive message and is a very uplifting song. Breakthrough Starshot is another one of my favorites. Molin opens the vocals on this song and he sounds masterful. This song has one of the best choruses on the album. Near the end of the album is the song Unified. With its melodic musical opening and soft vocals from Molin, it is a special song. The power of his voice really shines through singing a ballad. Elize also brings the magic of her softer vocals to this song and it reminds me of the first time I ever heard Amaranthine, which is one of my favorite songs ever. To hear a song that takes me back to the way Amaranthine made me feel is very special.

I had the opportunity to interview Elize about this album and part one of my interview will be up soon. Part two will follow a few days after. Quite simply this is my album of the year as of right now. This album has it all! Amaranthe has managed to create their own metal sound that is unique to them and that is a feat with so many different metal bands now. The kicker is, what they have created is incredible to listen to. If you are a fan of Amaranthe you are going to love this new album. If you have not listened to Amaranthe or been a fan in the past, please check out the videos and give this album a listen. I review and listen to a lot of music. When I say this is my album of the year so far, I do not take that lightly. This is an incredible piece of art that should take Amaranthe higher than they have ever been.

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