One of Australia’s most frequent visitors are set to return this December for Good Things Festival, and while this is not exactly unexpected, we are still overjoyed that Mayday Parade will be making their annual ocean long trip yet again to come perform not only to festival crowds, but for their sideshows too.


While in the middle of their Welcome to Sunnyland tour in the US, guitarist Brooks Betts was still more than happy to speak nothing but sweet things about this country and its resident Mayday fans, as well as their motivation behind their yearly tours. “Australia is a great place to come and play. We have great fans there. It’s in our radar to come over and make sure we spread the love to everyone outside of the US.”

While every show they play is intended to be an unforgettable one, Brooks discusses what they have planned for us, what they will be bringing down to Good Things, and why the first run of the festival is bound to be a memorable one. “With all the travelling that we do, it’s difficult to put on the same stage production that we’d like to but regardless the energy is always there, and we’re super stoked for it. We’re gonna have new songs from ‘Sunnyland’ that we’ll be playing as well as hopefully some other songs that we haven’t played in Australia before. And of course you gotta mix in some favourites as well. So you’ve got your favourites and something you’ve never seen us play.”


Brooks similarly states that while the production value of the show is expected to be high, what matters is not necessarily always the big props. “Someone that we work with is from Australia, and she does really good lighting so the lighting part certainly will be very entertaining. As far as some of the larger props and stuff go, they’re more difficult , so maybe not that, but we try and put on the best and most entertaining show we can since we’re flying so far away from home.”

Since the band are veterans of touring Australia, rather than having plans for new things he would like to try, Brooks instead reveals the activities he would like to revisit, as well as avoid. “I’ve done the vegemite thing. I can’t get into the vegemite. I tried, and I’m definitely the one doing anything or trying anything, but the taste is weird to me. But I can tell that you guys love that stuff, and I can see that you grew up on it. If we get an off day, which we do here and there, I’ll try to see what’s around. Maybe do some more hiking while I’m there, we definitely did some of that last time outside of Adelaide, which was pretty cool.”


In terms of Australian festivals and the experience of one as a performer, the diversity of the rock genre umbrella delivered in the scene is something that Brooks highly appreciates, so let there be no doubt that the band is truly looking forward to revisit this experience when they return alongside an assorted and all-star lineup for Good Things. “You can pull from a wider demographic of people, whereas in the States people kind of stick more to one avenue or one style of rock. One year when we were out there, we did a festival with Korn on it, and we still do stuff like that, but that sort of thing is a little bit easier to do in Australia, and I think that’s really cool. It makes it for a more interesting festival.”

As a closing note, Brooks states that he was not expecting Mayday Parade to make it this big, and stay that way for so long. “I didn’t think it would last this long, so it’s really cool that we’re still going at it. And we didn’t quite expect it but we worked hard and I always said I would be happy if I got to play 300 cap venues, and we’re doing that 13 years later and more.”


The never-ending support of their fans is what has taken them this far, so if you would like to keep it up for the boys in Mayday Parade, make sure you get your ticket for Good Things Festival HERE!