“The Last Goodbye blows emotionally raw right out of the water… mixing Melodic Hardcore/Spoken Word/Alternative Rock and making it mesh well enough to feel like euphoria to our ears.” 7/10 Hysteria Magazine.

“It’s beautifully written lyrically, and is executed excellently. Vocal efforts from both Mason and Kyle are untouchable, and the emotion both are able to portray as they explore their own vocal potential is special… I had no idea this release would grip me like it did, but this is no complaint by any means. This is a special release, and I look forward to seeing how much success Aburden gain from it.” – 10/10 Depth Magazine

“The combination of music, vocals, screaming and spoken word keep you wondering what’s next and yearning for more… It’s music you can feel.” – Spinning Thoughts

Today, Melbourne’s Aburden bare their souls with the release of their emotionally raw and honest EP“The Last Goodbye”. In a recent interview with Overdrive Magazine, vocalist Mason Forester explained his beliefs when it comes to sharing emotion. “My mother is a counsellor, so I grew up in a household of therapeutic value were we were always discussing things and talking out loud about our feelings. Whenever you feel something, it is better to talk about it. So for me, going into music was kind of like having a conversation with myself. When you go to a therapy session and you talk to a counsellor, in the whole session, all you are actually doing is talking to the counsellor and the counsellor is only responding with questions to continue the conversation. But with music there is that conversation and I am conversing with myself and letting it all out. There is a really good quote from a mate of mine who is in a Brisbane band called Young Lions “Music can pull you out of the dark”

Aburden – The Last Goodbye

1. My Best Friend
2. Sorry.
3. Don’t Say
4. One For You
5. Need You
6. 19
7. To The Sky

Available now on CD, LP, and Digital via Greyscale Records
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