Active since 2015, Sacremento, California-based progressive melodic death metal outfit The Odious Construct are a young band relatively speaking. Yet in their brief existence, they’ve moved at blinding speeds to continually refine their craft live and in the studio in order to reach the next level.



After hashing out two single song demos in 2015, the band quickly released their well-received self-titled EP in July of 2016. Recently signed to The Artisan Era, ‘Shrine of the Obscene’ will be The Odious Construct‘s first effort on the label and is set for release on Friday, October 12th.


Throughout the five swift and deadly songs on ‘Shrine of the Obscene’, The Odious Construct carves out a path beyond the typical “complex for complexities sake” approach with a focus built upon catchy guitar melodies, straightforward brutality, and enhanced by orchestral flair to ensure the songs remain stuck in your head. ‘Shrine of the Obscene’ will strongly appeal to fans of groups such as Alterbeast, The Black Dahlia Murder, Irreversible Mechanism, Virvum, and The Faceless.


Today the band partnered with Metal Injection to launch an early full stream of Shrine of the Obscene ahead of its release this Friday, October 12th via The Artisan Era.

You can stream the full album HERE.


The Odious Construct is:
Casey Ryle – vocals
Wesley Yee – guitar
Ben Jackson – guitar
Sam Datu – bass
KC Brand – drums (The Ritual Aura)

Stay up to date with the band at their Facebook page HERE, and their Bandcamp page HERE.