Lagerfest 2018 was a huge success! The festival is over for another year and there is already excitement for what next year’s Lagerfest will bring. Neil Rummy Rackers (Ryan Riedel) and the Captain (Captain Gregarr) stopped for a few moments during the festival on Saturday and found a reasonably dry and quiet place to chat to us about how things were going. Sheltered from the rainy skies, a little cold and wet but full of the excitement and energy from the day, both Rummy Rackers and the Captain were happy with the day so far.

Rummy Rackers: “It has been absolutely fantastic, it has been raining for the last three hours and there is not a dry eye in the crowd.”

Captain: “You can hear Rick Dangerous rocking out in the background, it’s good times!”

Rummy Rackers: “It is going really well. We are stoked with the day, the bands are killing it and the fans are loving it!”

With an absolutely stellar line up of amazing bands from Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney we discussed who had blown them away so far and who they were eagerly awaiting to see next.

Captain: “Lavidiuis were actually really a stand out for me today. There is a good line up; there have been some really diverse bands.”

Rummy Rackers: “JJ Speedball was awesome too. He put on a real rocking show. But I probably can’t go past Catalano, they rocked it today, a few technical difficulties but they rocked the outdoor stage like it was just meant for them.”

Captain: “Catalano are just great anytime, they are a ripping band.”

Rummy Rackers: “Dead City Ruins are up next and Minus Life. For me Minus Life was one of the first bands I ever saw, I snuck out of my house in grade eight and I ran into my brother in the city and he was like ‘what are you doing here!?’ And I was like ‘what are you doing here!?’ And he was like ‘I am going to see Minus Life’ and I was like ‘sweet, take me with you!’ So we went and saw Minus Life and it changed my life, from then on I was hooked on live music.”

Captain: “I am really keen to see Hobo Magic. I think they are just going to be fucking rocking!”

A day filled with good times, good fun, live music and party games, I asked the guys what was the funniest thing that had happened so far.

Rummy Rackers: “We just had the chili eating competition. Once again there wasn’t a dry eye in the room, well for those eating the chili anyway!  It was packing the heat that chili!”

Captain: “I was covered in goon at one stage thanks to Keggin! I had to go get changed because my outfit was covered in goon.”

2018 is the fifth year Lagerfest has been running. The guys reflected on this year’s festival in comparison to past years.

Rummy Rackers: “It has been phenomenal. This is the second time we have taken it to Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. This is the first time in Brisbane that we have had two stages, 17 bands and from what I can tell people are loving the extra bands and the extra activities to do. We have had a bungee run and it has been awesome.”

Captain: “Melbourne and Sydney were great as well. Sydney was one of our best shows by far in general; it is great to get that sort of crowd out for our festival instead of just the headlining shows in Sydney. Melbourne was awesome too. Melbourne is always a great time. It was really good to see Sydney stepping up there, things are really growing for Lagerfest and today has just been great, the weather has been shithouse but people have still come out anyway, it is so good to see everyone rocking out!”

Every year Lagerfest just gets bigger and better. The Captain and Rummy Rackers gave us a little insight into what we can expect from next year’s festivities.

Rummy Rackers: “We have some humongous plans! It starts with sunshine (laughs).  As with every year, we always want to take it one step more, expand it more in every way we can with what we think it going to add more fun and value to the day. We definitely have more of what we want to do coming up next year. For Melbourne and Sydney we would love to get two stages. Taking the whole tour around the country maybe, one line up, three shows, who knows!? That would be wild!”

Captain: “It has been awesome having the six or so bands that have come to every show with us. The bands we have had with us have just been fucking phenomenal at every show. We are looking forward to next year; it is going to be amazing!”

Rummy Rackers: “For us, Lagerfest is pretty much our birthday or our Christmas, it is our festival that we put on for anyone who has ever come and shown any support to us and we really want to capture that next year and make it bigger and better.”

Captain: “You look at Wacken Open Air metal festival in Germany, they started out with about 500 people or maybe less and now they are playing to like 100,000 plus. If you see the potential in something and if you stick to something and you keep driving at it, it is going to grow and grow and that is what we want.”

Brisbane loves our resident party pirates Lagerstein and we are forever grateful to them for bringing us the fun filled festival that is Lagerfest. Bring on next year!