Nottingham by way of Gibraltar metal giants The Five Hundred are set to take Euroblast festival by storm on Friday 5th October! To mark the occasion, the band have released a strikingly visual representation of the title track to their recently-released debut album, ‘Bleed Red’. 

Watch the ‘Bleed Red’ music video here:

Having signed to Long Branch Records and positively rocked the public with the release of their debut album ‘Bleed Red’, metal quintet The Five Hundred will be taking their sound even further, to Germany’s 14th annual Euroblast Festival!

You can purchase tickets for Euroblast Festival, which takes place in Cologne HERE.

To celebrate, the modern metal act revisit their most recent single ‘Bleed Red’, adding a visually striking music video that plays graphically on the band’s intensity and grit. Boasting a seething pit of aggression, bold visual colour contrast and just a hint of gore, the music video for ‘Bleed Red’ also serves as a fitting “welcome” to this month’s Halloween celebrations!

As outlined during the single’s initial release, ‘Bleed Red’ continues The Five Hundred’s dark, thematic narrative, making reference to the voices inside one’s head, compelling the protagonist to emotionally manipulate and destroy a significant other. Moreover, even finding enjoyment in the destructive process, so much so that it brings “a delight that’s almost physical”.

The accompanying music video captures this narrative perfectly, with an intense, honest brutality that sends a clear, unmistakable message. For anyone still struggling to understand, however, The Five Hundred’s Mark Byrne offers the following:

“This song is for anybody who has to put up with the soul-destroying shit that comes with the narcissists, abusers, and emotional manipulators that squirm into your life and nest there like a parasite, sucking the life out of you. If you think this song sounds like it could be about you, then it’s definitely about you….”

‘Bleed Red’ out now via Long Branch Records. Purchase the album HERE.

What the media are saying about ‘Bleed Red’

‘A dynamic, thought-provoking album with a rich landscape to boot.’ – Metal Hammer

‘Cinematic, crushing brilliance’ – Alex Baker, Kerrang! Radio

‘The Five Hundred remain one of Britain’s brightest metal hopes’ – Metalmance

‘Bleed Red does plenty to establish itself as one of the metal debuts of the year’ – Already Heard


Aggressive yet euphoric, empowering yet simultaneously enslaving, The Five Hundred are renowned for overcoming adversities and laying siege to every stage they play. From struggling with tourettes, OCD, gambling and drug addiction, to perfecting their art and proving that together they are a force of nature, The band have torn out of the starting gates with purposeful intent, following the release of their debut album with a string of festival performances, including MacMillan Fest and Tech Fest.

Showing no signs of stopping, the band will soon perform Euroblast festival in Germany, and later HRH Metal III, held at Birmingham O2 Academy in early 2019. More tour dates to be announced in due course.

The Five Hundred is:

John Eley – Vocals
Mark Byrne – Guitars
Paul Doughty – Guitars
Andy Crawford – Bass
Kelsey James – Drums