The second full-length album of the Ukrainian atmospheric doom death metal band demonstrates the rapid artistic development of the man behind the name Sorrowful Land, Max Molodtsov. Each composition has its own unique sound and mood enhanced by appearance of guest vocalists, such as Kaivan Saraei (A Dream Of Poe), Daniel Neagoe (CloudsEye Of SolitudeShape Of Despair), Evander Sinque (Who Dies In Siberian SlushDecay Of RealityForbidden Shape), Vladislav Shahin (Mournful GustAutumnia), Daniel Arvidsson (DraconianMammoth Storm).

Guest guitar solo in one of the tracks is performed by Vito Marchese (Novembers DoomThe Kahless Clone).

1 And Wilt Thou Weep When I Am Low
2 When The World’s Gone Cold
3 A Father I Never Had
4 Weep On, Weep On
5 I Am The Only Being Whose Doom
6 The Kingdom Of Nothingness

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