Melbourne’s Aburden have only been around in their current form since 2016. In such a short space of time these guys have really created waves and pieced together a kind of expressive musical alchemy with their combined talents as musicians, lyricists and the perfect blend of spoken word, clean vocals and scream vocals. Mason Forster (Spoken word/scream vocals/pianist) and Kyle Burrows (Clean vocals/guitarist) have a clear connection and ability to work together in such a way that you would think this was definitely their calling and that they were absolutely meant to be fronting a band together at this exact moment of existence.

Forster: Everything works so well with me and Kyle together. Whenever we write something it just falls together so well, it feels so natural and there is never any stress about it. It is like a match made in heaven.

Burrows: When we first started it was kind of like I still wanted to do that whole Kurt Cobain screaming thing then I started with the clean vocals and ever since then, every time we sit down and think about the vocals over the top of the instrumentals it is like ok screaming here and clean vocals there and then both here; always complementing each other.

Music has always been one of the most amazing platforms to express your thoughts and feelings. The emotion behind each song that Aburden create is definitely a way for them to express their feelings and a coping mechanism for them as it is for so many of us.

Burrows: I couldn’t have found a better way to release things that have me struggling throughout life, it is such a perfect way to encapsulate a problem and have it there for other people to connect too. I think the best way to be able to deal with something you are struggling with is to connect to others. It is that one way to know that you are not alone.

Forster: My mother is a counselor, so I grew up in a household of therapeutic value were we were always discussing things and talking out loud about our feelings. Whenever you feel something, it is better to talk about it. So for me, going into music was kind of like having a conversation with myself. When you go to a therapy session and you talk to a counselor, in the whole session, all you are actually doing is talking to the counselor and the counselor is only responding with questions to continue the conversation. But with music there is that conversation and I am conversating with myself and letting it all out. There is a really good quote from a mate of mine who is in a Brisbane band called Young Lions “Music can pull you out of the dark”

Aburden’s latest single ‘One For You’ is a raw emotional track with lyrics that mean a lot to both Burrows and Forster.

Forster: So the song is from our new record ‘The Last Goodbye’ it is not the biggest representation of what the album is like in full, each song is completely different to another, which I believe makes the record beautiful in that way. Kyle and I wrote this song together.

Burrows: I think with how Mason and I complement each other vocally, we do the same lyrically. We always have the perfect way of working together.

Forster:  Yeah it is like a couple off a TV show; we finish each other’s sentences lyrically *laughs*

Burrows: For me, the chorus is really personal, but it was good for me to be able to put that into a song.

Forster:  Yeah it kind of worked off what he wanted to put into that song and what I wanted to as well. Stuff from my life and stuff from his life just kind of bounced off each other really well and meshed perfectly.


The new EP is set for release via Greyscale Records on October 12th and the guys couldn’t be more pumped about its upcoming release.


Forster: We have waited a very long time for this to come out. The first single we had in February last year. It has been a long time coming. We have worked well over a year on this record. We put our whole life on the backburner to write this and record it.

Burrows: Yeah I have lost a lot of jobs in the process of this EP.

Forster: But it has paid off, because at the end of the day, if you are not doing what you love, you are not living life.

Aburden played a sold out gig at Cherry Bar last month to sort of farewell their old EP and welcome the new. The guys reflected on that gig and talked about future gigs.

Forster: We have only been a band for two years and our very first headliner show we did was sold out as well and then this one was sold out. It just blew us away.

Burrows: I don’t think I have ever had more of an adrenaline rush than when I turned around and started playing that show.

Forster: It means so much to us. We are so grateful to our fans and the people who support our band. We have such a diverse and amazing fan group. We couldn’t ask for anything better. After this record we are hoping to tour a lot more.

Burrows: Hopefully this EP will give us a good opportunity to tour around more of Australia and more often. Plans for a release show are in the works; in January.

You can catch Aburden in Perth on the 8th of December playing at HyperFest with DZ Deathrays, Alpha Wolf, Polaris, Ruby Fields and more. Then they play their first Perth headliner on December 9th at 459 Bar with Idle Eyes and Engage.  Keep an eye on their Facebook page for the release show announcement! You can pre-order their new EP ‘The Last Goodbye’ HERE.