It’s time to dust out the tight leather pants as Skid Row are making their back to Australian shores for the first time since 2014. This time they’re also bringing out the newest member of the line-up, vocalist ZP Theart (ex-Dragonforce) along for the ride, in his first performance since 2008! Kicking off the interview by touching on the excitement levels, Theart was quite jovial in mentioning “excited is not really a word and I don’t think expletives will come across properly (laughs) It’s been a while coming, so we’re gonna come down and have a lot of fun; that’s for sure!”

Theart has been a self-proclaimed fan of Skid Row since his teenage years and taking time to talk on a personal level about touring the band as a member, he quips “it’s like a kid in the candy store really! It’s everything I could have ever expected; they’re a nice bunch of guys, who are one big happy family whilst having a ball.” Theart’s response to being asked if he ever saw himself fronting the band was quite to the point, as he proclaimed “no way dude; that’s every kid’s dream! I grew up a massive fan and to imagine myself here was just a pipedream; to finally be here, I still pinch myself every day and question if this is real” before closing with yet another laugh.

Theart bestowed words of wisdom to Australian fans, pointing out they should “make sure to bring an extra dry pair of clothes as it’s going to get really sweaty and energetic…after all, it is a Skid Row show and we’re going to bring it all! The motor is running on all cylinders and we’re going to come kick some ass.” Theart then delivered yet another insight into his personal side, talking about his favourite song to perform live:

“Out of the current run of songs, it would be Quicksand Jesus. It’s a very deep track and I’ve loved it since the first time I heard that song! Plus every night when the intro runs, it’s a real mind trip and next thing you know, you’re out of the gates. Another fun and challenging song to play is Chain Gang, as when that song kicks in all hell breaks loose!” before ending with yet another chuckle.

Skid Row are currently underway in creation the final chapter of ‘United World Rebellion’ and Theart was quick to deliver good news that will bring a smile to the face of eagerly waiting fans:

“It’s definitely coming out next year, as we’ve been writing at it over the last year. It’s just hard trying to fit it in with such a busy schedule! Although I am happy to say that we’ve spent two sessions at Michael Wagner’s studio doing pre-production, getting stuff tweaked and finalized. In the meanwhile, Snake and I are currently at Rachel’s in the middle of a whole week of writing; we’re just getting stuck in and there’s a lot of exciting stuff on the horizon, that’s for sure!”

Drawing the interview to a close, Theart quipped “if you’ve heard the tour is coming through, do yourself a favour to take the time and check it out! You’re going to hear the classics, there’s going to be a lot of stuff thrown in and we’re really looking forward to the rocking party every night; we hope to see you all there!”