Almost 5 years after the release of their latest album ‘Relations in the Unseen’ German alternative rock band The Intersphere is back with the new single “Secret Place”. The track is taken from the bands 5th studio album The Grand Delusion which is set to be released on November 30th, 2018 via Long Branch Records. Listen to the first single HERE
Singer and guitarist Christoph Hessler about “Secret Place“:
“This song deals with the most important characteristic that makes us human: The ability to create, imagine, and dream as well as the challenge of creating free spaces in the midst of a superficial, conformed and externally determined world that make thinking, acting and creating worthwhile.”

The background for the album The Grand Delusion is the highly subjective question that is not only posed by Paul Watzlawick in his eponymous book, but that has now reached a completely new dimension in the madness of media coverage: How real is reality? The songs are not only concerned with thinking and acting in sociological and societal contexts, in systems, orders and interpretations of reality created by humans, but also with reflecting on oneself, introspection and the question “What foundation is my own reality based on?”  Almost 5 years after the last release, and after personal crises and changes, The Grand Delusion is lyrically the most personal album to date from The Intersphere, but also one of the most varied, loudest and angriest.
“The production aimed at recording the 4 main instruments live and as close up, big and detailed as possible, and thus duplication was largely avoided. We also experimented with new open tunings and countless distortion and fuzz pedals that make the sound more distorted and dirtier. But there are also a couple of opulently arranged songs that enrich the sounds of The Intersphere with new colors and facets that people have never heard from us before.”
Like its predecessor, Relations in the Unseen, the album was produced by Christoph Hessler and The Intersphere, recorded live at Toolhouse Studios in Rotenburg (Germany), mixed and co-produced by Moritz Enders and mastered by Robin Schmidt. The artwork was once again created by the band’s longtime associate Pierre Schmidt Dromsjel.

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