On December 13th, 2017, Warrel Dane passed away in São Paulo, Brazil while recording the follow-up to 2008’s “Praises To The War Machine”. In essence, a tribute release, “Shadow Work” contains over 40 minutes of music with Warrel’s voice tracked during pre-production, demo and recording sessions. The album’s booklet was completed with Travis Smith providing artwork based upon concepts he had previously discussed with Warrel, thorough reconstructions of all lyrics from Warrel’s notebook, personal testimonies by his Brazilian band, and very moving photos.

Now, another track from “Shadow Work” is being revealed: ‘As Fast As The Others’, whose lyrics are inspired by Dane’s childhood as guitarists Thiago Oliveira and Johnny Moraes recall:

“It is a song about a school friend Warrel had. His friend was stuck in a wheel chair, because he had some kind of physical problem, and the other kids would mock him all the time about that and the fact he could not get out of the chair and run. So, that was what he meant in the lyrics with “… in school, the children could be so cruel”. Even though he could not get up and run, do what other kids did, Warrel made clear to him, that they could still be good friends. It’s basically a song about the issues of bullying.” — Johnny Moraes

WARREL DANE – Shadow Work track-listing:

1. Ethereal Blessing
2. Madame Satan
3. Disconnection System
4. As Fast as the Others
5. Shadow Work
6. The Hanging Garden (The Cure cover)
7. Rain
8. Mother is the Word for God


“Shadow Work” will be released on October 26th, 2018 as Special Edition CD Mediabook offering a 44-page booklet, as Gatefold LP plus CD & 12-page LP booklet and on all digital platforms.

The following limited vinyl editions are still available:

200x lilac https://warreldane.lnk.to/ShadowWork/CMdistroEU

200x clear http://bit.ly/ShadowWorkEMP and  http://bit.ly/ShadowWorkNB

300x silver // t-shirt bundles https://merchnow.com/catalogs/warrel-dane