Staying true to the path laid out with their 2015 release, Odyssey: The Founder Of Dreams maintains thematic ties with its predecessor, charging once more into the battlefield of “Science vs. Faith”. These themes provide the origins of the band’s name, and the content of the hugely popular science-fiction drama ‘Lost’ – from which vocalist & lyricist Ashe O’Hara (ex-TesseracT) has drawn a wealth of inspiration.

With Odyssey: The Founder Of Dreams, Voices From The Fuselage channel their talents to provide a sense of gravity and power to a melting pot of hard-to-swallow emotional experiences. The prominent veins feeding life to the band’s latest offering are loss, grief and the inward questioning of how to deal with these experiences.

The band have just released a new track called ‘Nine Levels’ taken from the forthcoming album, and this track captures these overarching themes with marked precision.


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“A lot of my music is inspired by the existential crisis I seem to indefinitely reside in,” speaks Ashe O’Hara, offering a candid insight into his own personal experiences that have fuelled the band’s latest single.

“I often define my sense of self as a Piscean duality. I find it extremely hard to brush aside my nihilism, but at the same time I have an extremely strong sense of faith, not specifically related to a deity.

My years of dealing with depression often take me to dark places and I find myself questioning my actions and my decisions all the time. That, to me, is hell; Never being able to satisfy my own doubt. Nine Levels is an ode to my internalised dissentient view on the world. This is only one side of my view, and it is the darker side. I find a lot of my music tends to fall on the more darker, melancholic side of my personality, which is a strange juxtaposition to my more social side, where I tend to want to make people laugh.”

With the music penned predominantly by Scott Lockhart (drums) and lyrical passion resonating from O’Hara, Odyssey: The Founder Of Dreams combines all-new material with the refinement of numerous year’s work to create a sharp, impacting epic that will no doubt impress and enchant in equal measures.