For their fifth album ‘Syntax Error’, The All Seeing Hand approach a new world of music with fans of other genres whom are experimenting with fusion. The All Seeing Hand (hailing from Wellington, NZ) has also experimented with fusion and brought forth a delightfully weird yet catchy computerised instrumental with the occasional vocals thrown in there.

Opening with a rather drastic-sounding electronic wave of emotion, Sulaco theme I entered the album with the introduction of old school doctor who sounding tardis vibes… it seems that this will more than likely end up a lot darker as the album progresses…

Hofmann entered with a wave of electro, until the drums joined in. Giving it a Beastie Boys sound to it, the band combines Ben Knight’s drums, Alphabethead turntable wonders, and the vocals of throat singing Johnny Marks. The fuse of these elements create interest in peoples minds to what directions the songs could go.

Next up was Every Leader which sounded more like a country chant or anthem early on and continued like that with much more focus on the drums and deep bellowing of Johnny’s voice. This moved straight into the title track of the album Syntax Error which was much more upbeat and odder with its electronic sound. Pipes and running water, along with little whips of lasers were some of the sounds that were thrown at us listening.

Geronimo III was the sound of a boss battle coming forward and you knew you had to face it, the strange electro was deep and long with the drums pacing behind it to give it depth. Then the deep roars from Johnny Marks came into play and changed it completely. It’s very hard to grasp where they’ll go during the sound as they can change at the drop of a hat.

Jumping from the faster paced Geronimo III to the next, Sulaco Theme II slowed it down and provided an interval of sorts to the album. A brief wave of electros to prepare you for the second half of their album. The end of the song moved straight into a deep spaced Royal Oil and Johnny Marks provided the story of wealth and eternity, with an unhurried movement of sound pacing with the drums echoing behind.

Spectrum belted in straight away with a bashing of the drums, all the while the electro vibes came in with all kinds of odd sounds produced by Alphabethead including some you’d be familiar with from Super Mario. The paced was kept to a medium while the throat grasps came through.

Want Want entered with a very slow pull from the turntablist, while Johnny screamed along with the sounds. They pushed forward into a repetitive hit of a ‘want want’ chant, while getting faster during the song. Coming to a close, Mutations brought explosions in to start and followed with a drum beat people can get behind. With Alphabethead’s echoes protruding your brain, the eclectic massages from the electro-waves followed and kept in tune with the travelling drums behind it.

If you’re yet to listen to something that’ll make you think outside the box then you need to get onto The All Seeing hand as they bring forward a very different but catchy sound all the way from across the pond in Wellington, New Zealand. Through the fusion of a drummer, turntablist and vocalist, they’ve proved that you don’t always need guitars to find something wonderfully weird.

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