2018 has been a busy year for Australia’s own Hands Like Houses; after performing at Unify 2018 AND going out on an acoustic tour for ‘Resonants’, they also announced their fourth album ‘Anon.’ would be released October 12th.

But wait, there’s more! The band also decided to hit the road for a couple of intimate launch week shows, kicking off in Melbourne on October 12th. Speaking with lead vocalist/keyboard/piano Trenton Woodley about the excitement levels within the camp surrounding the fast approaching date, Woodley quipped “we’re definitely getting to that point again!” before giving an insight into the mental rollercoaster the band has gone through:

“When you first come out of the studio, you’re on a high because you’re excited about what you’ve made. Then you’ll get to a lull about a month out, because you haven’t listened to it in a couple of weeks and the excitement levels have worn off a little bit…it’s just not close enough to feel excited anymore. We’ve just come out of that and are realising just how much there is left to do in the next couple of weeks, so I’m just happy for nature to take its course and have people be able to listen to it as a whole!”

Whilst second single Monster was one of the last songs finalised during recording, it has been elevating Hands Like Houses to insanely new heights! Touching on these topics further, Woodley states “Monster was left until close to the end because we felt other things needed more work and we just had an expectation with this song amongst ourselves on what it could be. It’s definitely one of the strongest songs in reach/opportunity and we’ve already seen it open some massive doors for us. Not only has it been played on Monday Night Football for both the NRL and the NFL, but it’s also been selected as the theme song for the upcoming WWE Super Showdown in Melbourne!”

When asked why Hands Like Houses are hitting the road during launch week with a couple of intimate shows instead of a huge tour, Woodley opens by quickly pointing out “we’re definitely planning an album tour; it’s in the planning stages at the moment!” Woodley then further explained “we had talked about doing release parties and listening parties, so we thought we’d take the chance to have an intimate vibe with friends and fans, instead of going big and impressive. This is going to be a good chance to transition from the ‘Dissonants’ chapter into the ‘Anon.’ chapter of our career; plus it’s more a celebration of what the album is! That’s why we chose the small rooms so they could sell out, as there’s a certain energy that only comes from a completely packed out room. Plus the further ahead of the tour it sells out, shows that our more dedicated fans are getting in early and not missing out!”

If you weren’t aware, 2018 marks the tenth anniversary of Hands Like Houses! Touching on this from two fronts, the first was whether the band thought they would have reached this milestone. Woodley playfully quipped “probably not” before letting out a chuckle before divulging how “along the way we’ve had a few tough points where we’d consider ourselves lucky to have gotten a few more years, but here we are ten years from where it started! When we first set up, we never had any key expectations of what we’re gonna do and it was always just see where it could go.”

The second topic of discussion was whether ‘Anon.’ was planned to be released as a celebration of this milestone; Woodley was quick to point out “it was purely co-incidental! I think we realised about six months ago that New Years Eve is the tenth anniversary of me joining the band; since I was the last person to join that’s still in the band, that’s where we start counting from. We’re a legacy band now, what’s happened?!? ‘Ground Dweller’ only came out about six years ago, so we were a band for about tree/four years before we started writing and recording, so it doesn’t always feel that long.”

Drawing the interview to a close, Woodley humbly quipped “I hope everyone enjoys it as much as we’ve enjoyed making it. It is the most relaxed, comfortable and confident we’ve made, so as always approach it with an open mind; we’re keen to see how much you enjoy it as a result.”