Words and Photos by Eric Pefley

It has been quite a while since Gus G has been to Seattle, and I was very excited to see him perform once again. He is on tour supporting his third solo album entitled “Fearless”. I had a chance to talk with him about “Fearless” and this tour a while back, and you can check out the interview here. The set was dominated with songs from “Fearless” which was great! It is a fantastic album and you should check it out if you have not. There are several videos from the album on You Tube.

The show opened with the instrumental Fearless and what a start it was. Gus G‘s solo band is a three piece with bassist / vocalist Dennis Ward and drummer Patrick Johansson rounding out this very talented band. On the album “Fearless”, drums were recorded by Will Hunt from EvanescenceFearless was a great way to kick off the show which showcased Gus G‘s incredible guitar talent right from the start. The crowd loved every part of it and it was great to be watching this guitar virtuoso live again.

The next song was quite a treat with Burn from his solo album “Brand New Revolution” being performed. This is my favorite song off this album, and it was great to hear live. After that it was back to “Fearless” for Mr. Manson, Thrill of the Chase, Big City and Letting Go. I love the groove feel to Mr. Manson and of course a great guitar solo from Gus GThrill of the Chase is another instrumental that starts off very melodic, but really starts to pick up the pace as it goes. Big City is another song that I can only describe as having a great groove feel to it. This album really has its own sound that makes it so great to listen to. Letting Go is the first track off of “Fearless” and I really love the vocals and the chorus on this song. Ward is a really great vocalist and I think his vocal style really fits this album well.

The set closed out with the Dire Straits classic Money for Nothing which has a lot more guitar in it than the original. It was a surprising, but welcome addition to the set. Next up was the fantastic title track off of Gus G‘s first solo album I Am the Fire”. Ward really does an incredible job on vocals on this song, and Gus G destroys it on guitar. Part of the solo being played with the guitar behind his head on his neck. This song is truly special to see performed live. The show ended with The Quest and this song really highlights the blistering pace that Gus G can play a guitar. This instrumental takes no prisoners and you wonder how the guitar does not simply melt and fall to the floor.

 Anytime you get a chance to see Gus G, do not pass up the opportunity. His career is long and distinguished. He has played with Ozzy, Dream Evil, Mystic Prophecy, Nightrage, Firewind (His own band) and the three solo albums he has released. Not to mention the twenty plus guest appearances he has made with artists like Kamelot, Doro and Arch Enemy. This man is a master of his craft and it is a phenomenal night when you get to see and hear it performed live.


Mr. Manson
Thrill of the Chase
Big City
Letting Go
Money For Nothing (Dire Straits Cover)
I Am the Fire
The Quest

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