Hands Like Houses are back with what seems to be their best release yet. Mixing their harsh instrumentals with smooth, melodic vocals in a way that works to the point it’s addictive, ‘-Anon.’ seems to be the tipping point the band was looking for after their ARIA top 10 release ‘Dissonants’.

Right from the beginning of the album, it draws in the listeners in a perfect introduction for what’s to come in this 10 track album. The build it up and eventual peak of Kingdom Come brings with it something that would sound absolutely incredible as the opening song of their live sets. The mixture of clapping throughout and the way they could include everyone is an indication that they were wanting to make a very audience inclusive album. One that everyone can enjoy and jump into easily.

Of course we can’t ignore their biggest single release on the album though. With international fame soon to be certainty thanks to the WWE, Monster, the second track of the album was picked to be the host theme song for the Super Showdown at the world famous MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) in Melbourne, Australia. Being a band from Canberra and beating acts from Melbourne to get the song on was a feat within itself and speaks volumes as to what the band has accomplished.

The whole album is high energy, high impact and high intensity. Everything we know Hands Like Houses to be. Trenton Woodley’s vocals are distinctively more solid throughout -Anon. compared to previous albums which works so well. Everything is so well mixed and balanced that it feels like the band is forefront, not any single member. The problem with draining out members is everywhere these days yet the band seem to have found that perfect centre.

A major positive about this release is that if Hands Like Houses were to play this album and only this album live, it would be an incredible show. After 10 years as a band, Woodley, guitarists Matt “Coops” Cooper and Alexander Pearson, bassist Joel Tyrrell and drummer Matt Parkitny have hit that point of maturity to find the sound that suits them. After the major success of Colourblind, it was evident to see that they’re rock roots in the hardcore scene is where they stood and, is now, where they are conquering.

-Anon. is the probably the most rock and roll sounding album out of all their releases. Still bringing some of that heaviness with it, it seems that the band was going for a more story based album and made it consistent. This isn’t a bad thing at all and suits Hands Like Houses. The way the music conveys a message in their stylings works better this way and can be seen in Overthinking and No Man’s Land prominently. Though this reviewer can easily see Sick being on of their best tracks not to be released as a single.

You’ll be able to see why soon as well because -Anon. drops October 12th and they start their album tour on the same day in Melbourne , Australia before hitting Brisbane, Sydney and Braddon then jetsetting off to the UK.

Pre-Order your copy of ‘-Anon.’, out on October 12th via Hopeless Records/UNFD, HERE!