Toronto’s Anthems In Ashes are premiering their second music video on, this time for the sassy and soulful single“Her Fire” off the 2017 EP “Burn it Down”. It’s a fun, energetic song with catchy melodies and lyrics with a true distorted rock and roll sound blended with a diverse range of vocals encompassing metal, punk and hints of soul. This well produced and artistic video brings fire to the genre, staying groovy and adding a sexy and heavy flair to it.

Vocalist Harley Olivia shares why it is her favourite song to play live:

“We chose “Her Fire” as a single because it demonstrates both our catchy groove and our heavier sounding elements, particularly with the vocals. I like the dichotomy of the soft, pretty sounding vocals descending into guttural monster screams. It’s a great balance of pretty and ugly.”

Their EP “Burn It Down” is available at the band’s website and on all music platforms.

Track Listing:
1. Her Fire
2. Follow You Down
3. Stealing Names
4. Ghost I Know
5. Hunger