Words and Photos by: Eric Pefley

Angra’s Ømni World Tour made a stop in Seattle recently in support of their new album “Ømni”. It has been several years since Angra has been to Seattle and the crowd was quite amped up. I have been a fan of Angra since 2010 and have never had a chance to see Angra live, so this would be a special night indeed. El Corazon had a good crowd for a Wednesday night.

Angra is fronted by Fabio Lione who does an excellent job with Angra’s most recent albums as well as their extensive back catalog. Sharing some of the vocal duties and playing guitar is original member Rafael Bittencort. This tandem makes for a powerful one-two punch on stage. Angra has nine studio albums since their formation in 1991. If you have not had a chance to listen to Angra you are really missing out. This progressive metal outfit out of Brazil really delivers the goods.

On this tour they are featuring quiet a few songs from their new album “Ømni”. What was also quite special, was hearing songs from six of their older albums spanning pretty much their entire career. They effortlessly went back and forth between the new material and the old. The crowd was really into the show right from the start. The first song was Newborn Me from the album “Secret Garden”.

Other hit songs from the night included Insania, Black Widows Web, Lisbon, and Rebirth. The thirteen-song set was well crafted and flowed together very well. Angra sounded fantastic all night and really brought a great show. Between the colorful lighting, the great back drops, and the fog machines, it really was a great show to see as well as hear.

Musically, Angra is phenomenal live. Their progressive power metal sound really is a treat for the ears. Rafael Bittencourt on guitar tore it up all night. The energy the band brings to their performance really kept the crowd fired up all night. The band also did a great job interacting with the crowd and keeping them involved in the show.

It is safe to say that Angra had been worth the wait. I was not sure if I would even get to see this band live and was very happy I got the chance. They put on a great show and I enjoyed every minute of it. If you get a chance to see this show live, it is not too be missed. You will enjoy and incredible night of music that is to be remembered. Also, you should check out the new album “Ømni”. It is very well done and there are several videos on YouTube you can check out. It is definitely one of my favorite releases of the year.

Set List:

Newborn Me
Travelers of Time
Angels and Demons
Nothing to Say
Ego Painted Grey
Drum Solo (Bruno Valverde)
Black Widow’s Web (Rafael Bittencourt and Fabio Lione on vocals)
Ømni – Silence Inside
The Bottom of My Soul (Rafael Bittencourt on vocals)
Magic Mirror


Nova Era

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