Battlegrave is the result of two life long metalheads and great friends putting their minds together to create an aggressive Thrash sound!

Battlegrave is coming off its first EP release “To Hell With War” from April 2017. This album was released to rave reviews:

Overdrive Music Magazine’s Review
Metal Obsession’s Review

This should give you an idea of what the new album, “Relics of A Dead Earth” will be about. More great Thrash metal from Rohan Buntine (Vocals) and Clint Patzel (Guitar / Bass). The new album will be released on November 28th, but for now we have something to get you excited for this release!

The debut of the first single and video off the new album entitled Betray Your Beliefs. This song has a great doom style opening, before it unleashes the fury that is just dying to get out! Check out the video and prepared to be destroyed by this aggressive bands heavy sound.

Check out the artwork for the new album:

Here is a bit of what Battlegrave shared about the new album:




After being stoked with how well our vision was captured for our EP, we decided to engage the services of the incredibly talented Scotty Bates Artwork & Design again for our album artwork. We also wanted to use our mascot from the EP again, so Scotty was a natural choice. He has done another outstanding job… He is THE GUY!


As a continuation from the war themed ‘To Hell With War’ EP, the concept of the album title is that in mankind’s pursuit of global domination, we have finally killed our species off in decades long wars and crippled the earth in the process. Once we have obliterated ourselves, mother earth sends a ‘Collector’ to claim the treasures that mankind held dear, as repayment for the destruction we brought to the one place we had to call home in our fickle power struggles. A just atonement for the wrongs of a greedy, reprehensible & doomed race.

Just over two months away before this thrash masterpiece will be released!

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