If there is anything that goes together really well, it’s metal and horror. Marrying these two things together in a creative and impressive way is Boston, Massachusetts  based metalcore band Ice Nine Kills. Their newest album ‘The Silver Scream’ is set to be released on October 5th via Fearless records. It’s 13 tracks of horror movie inspired greatness that will please metal and horror fans alike. Ice Nine Kills are vocalist Spencer Charnas, guitarist and backing vocalist Justin DiBlieck and bassist Justin Morrow.

Ice Nine Kills are well-known for their theatricality and The Silver Scream isn’t an exception. So far they’ve released four of the album tracks, three of which have music videos. The story follows vocalist Spencer Charnas as he begins to see a new therapist and details some disturbing and graphic dreams that he’s been experiencing. The story begins with The American Nightmare, inspired by A Nightmare On Elm Street. Musically and theatrically pleasing, The American Nightmare is a great way to introduce the theme and story of the new record. It starts with what sounds like a television advert about getting to sleep at a regular time each night before the drums and guitars kick in, Charnas’ vocals. DiBlieck brings an epic, heavy electric guitar solo at around the 30 second mark and everything gets heavier from there and Charnas shows of his ability to switch seamlessly between clean and screamed vocals from verse to chorus. Strap in from the very beginning because the ride of this record is going to be epic and brutal.

Track two is Thank God It’s Friday, fittingly released on Friday August 13th with the accompanying video being based around the film and the tragedy of Camp Crystal Lake. Distinctively heavier than The American Nightmare the only clean vocals on this track are during the chorus while the choruses are unclean. There are also some digital voice effects added in by the female voice of Jason Vorhees’ mother explaining how her son drowned at Camp Crystal Lake because the counsellors were too busy having ‘filthy’ sex. The theatrical telling of this track results in the entire band suffering horribly brutal deaths with Charnas and the female protagonist thinking they’ve survived before being drowned as the track plays out.

There are quite a few collaborations on this album, including one on the track Enjoy Your Slay, Sam Kubrick, the grandson of The Shining director, Stanley Kubrick based on the famous film. Randy Strohmeyer of The Sound Of Animals Fighting appears on The Jig Is Up, the track inspired by the SAW franchise. There’s also a guest appearance from former INK member, Jeremy Schwartz on Rocking The Boat, a track inspired by Jaws. Tony Lovato of MEST makes an appearance on the Edward Scissorhands inspired track The World In My Hands, Chelsea Talmadge who appeared on the cult classic Netflix series Stranger Things provides some beautiful and haunting guest vocals on Love Bites, a track inspired by An American Werewolf In London. The collaborations are rounded out on the final track IT Is The End inspired by iconic film IT, with guest appearances from JR Wasilewski and Buddy Schaub of Less Than Jake, and Will Salazar of Fenix TX.

The third instalment of the video series for the record is the visual representation of A Grace Mistake, a track inspired by The Crow. Charnas himself takes on the iconic role in this video while his confused and drug-induced therapist watches on after being drugged by the leading man. Of the tracks that have been released from ‘The Silver Scream’, A Grave Mistake is the most different. There is a lot of clean vocals throughout the track that are raw and emotion filled, especially during the bridge. It’s quite heavy instrumentally with another fantastic guitar solo from DiBlieck in the latter part of the song. There’s also a really nice piano piece towards the end of the track that really ties the whole thing together.

Whether you are a new fan of Ice Nine Kills, or a long-time fan, there is something for everybody to enjoy on this record. Ice Nine Kills continue to do what they do best and their theatrical brand of metalcore really thrives in this horror-inspired environment. Be prepared to be on the edge of your seat for the entirety of The Silver Scream!

Pre-Order your copy of The Silver Scream, out October 5th via Fearless Records, HERE!