To quote a line from one of their songs Nonpoint is “still alive and kicking!” it still can be said during the band’s final tour stop at Chicago’s Bottom Lounge. Nonpoint would headline in support off their new album X, with supports Consume the Divide, Letters From The Fire, and He Is Legend this show was one for the books.

First up, Chicago’s own Consume The Divide takes to the stage to open the show with a full onslaught of in-your-face metal. With a blend of melodic vocals by Dan and heavy vocals by Joe backed by power-driven guitar riffs by guitarists Phil, Ryan and Aaron. While drummer Blake and bassist Jeff kept the crowd alive with their rhythmic heavy bass hums and buzzes, and percussion soaked beats. Consume The Divide quickly grabbed the attention of a packed Bottom Lounge crowd, holding on through beginning to end. Vocalist Joe riled up the crowd even more each time he came up to the edge of the stage, shared a few fist bumps even coming off stage to get up close and personal with the crowd adding to the adrenaline of their performance. Consume The Divide had great stage presence and often included the crowd into singing along or clapping or fist pumping to the beats during songs like `Tooth And Nail´, `Crossing The Line´, `Consume The Truth´ and the band’s newest single `Serenity´. Consume The Divide with their metalcore sound surly makes Chicago’s metal scene proud.

Next up is San Francisco’s Letters From the Fire with their combination of rock and metal sound, ready to pump the Bottom Lounge crowd up even more. Starting off their set with the new single `Harley´ the song showcases vocalist Nina Bergman’s strong vocals alongside the rocking rhythm of guitarists Mike Keller, Cameron Stucky and bassist Clayton Wages and the upbeat and heavy sounds by drummer Seth Hostetter. During the song `Scream´, Nina invites the crowd to participate by screaming when she gives the cue, each time the room erupting. Before their last song `Comfort You´, Nina asks the crowd if they could do a cover and the crowd cheers back in agreement as Letters From The Fire begin their cover of The Cure’s `Love Song´ just before ending with `Comfort You´.

The next band taking the stage was Wilmington, North Carolina’s He Is Legend with their mixture of American rock, metal and psychedelic rock. Members consist of vocalist Schuylar Croom, guitarist Adam Tanbouz, bassist Matt Williams and drummer Jesse Shelly. During their set, the vocals weren’t loud enough even the Schuylar’s screams were faint; the guitar was slightly louder which when played would drown out the sounds off vocals and bass. Adam still had a solid sound full of heavy distortion and electrifying solos. What I definitely heard the most was crashing and thundering sounds of the drums; you could see and hear the passion Jesse has for drumming with each blast of the drumsticks. He Is Legend seemed to have an awesome sound, but I would have liked a little less guitar and more volume on vocals.

Now the moment we’ve all waited for has come as Nonpoint graces the stage ready to blow the roof off of Bottom Lounge and give it all they’ve got to every fan in attendance. Performing favorites like `Circles´, `Breaking Skin´ and `Bullet With A Name´ while adding in new songs `Chaos And Earthquakes´, `Fix This´ and `Dodge Your Destiny´. Nonpoint threw it into a full-on adrenaline rush getting the crowd off their feet and singing along to every song. The distinctive vocals of front man Elias Soriano echoed throughout the room inviting fans to join in while holding out the mic. Guitarists Rasheed Thomas and B.C. Kochmit kept it heavy with blistering riffs, piercing solos and crunching distortion, while bassist Adam Woloszyn and drummer Robb Rivera kept the fast pace beats going keeping fans head banging and fist pumping non-stop. The intensity seemed to grow with each song and the energy of Nonpoint on stage. As the night winds down the guys from Fort Lauderdale, Florida stepped off stage to the chants of “ONE MORE SONG!” and “ENCORE!” before returning with their cover of Phil Collins’ `In The Air´ Tonight´ and ending the night with an intense performance of `What A Day´. Nonpoint pulled out all the stops on their final stop of the tour putting on one hell of a performance giving it all to their fans who gave it right back. With the new album X out now fans and Nonpoint look forward to more memorable shows.

Overall, the night was unforgettable starting off with Consume The Divide leading to Letters From The Fire, and He Is Legend, all coming down to an amazing performance by Nonpoint. All bands going full throttle to get this Bottom Lounge crowd energized and begging for more.