It’s rare to see a musical duo perform well of any sorts, especially with writing material. When a band successfully pulls it off however, it can lead to many gateways that will prove to be useful in their future. Foaming at the Mouth are a New York based duo, finally out with their new album after 4 years since their music video release for the title track of their debut, “Writhing”. Have they successfully pulled off the insanely long wait and have they come out with an absolutely banger album? Well… Yes and no.

Clocking in at 30 minutes, Writhing has been very, very long overdue ever since they released their first video in 2014 for the album (Yes, 2014) and at many times throughout the album, you can hear the tenacity, excruciating time and effort that’s been put into writing this debut record. Foaming at the Mouth, comprised by members Jeff Leifer and Kyle Eddy has the former performing both vocals and guitars on the record and the latter performing on drums and vocals, which is a very interesting take on the band. The use of two vocalists was a smart move on the band, as the dynamics are heavily ranged and authentic, which I appreciate and acknowledge.

Before I get into my song breakdown, I want to first acknowledge the bass, or lack thereof. There are so many times throughout Foaming at the Mouth’s latest release where I genuinely thought there was no bass written or played, which I was very disappointed (to say the least) by. I’m not really sure as to whether or not my headphones have gone down in quality over the past year, or whether the band has actually not written any bass tracks for the record, but I was so upset and quite frankly, annoyed that it’s either not audible, follows the root notes or hasn’t been written at all. MAYBE Leifer and Eddy are trying to authenticate their duo sound with just guitar, drums and vocals, but it’s really not that hard to just either write a bass line and chuck it in your backing tracks when you perform live, or at least make it audible if it is there. Throughout the entire Writhing record, I honestly wasn’t able to distinguish as to whether the bass was there or not, and sometimes was confused as to if it was the guitar tone itself that had the bass knob turned to 4 for if there was actually some sign of the instrument.

I’ve had my fair share of ranting about what I didn’t like about Foaming at the Mouth’s debut record, but I want to dig into my favourite track, the aptly titled “Foaming at the Mouth”. While it’s only a short track at 2:30, it packs an incredible punch and from the beginning, you’re washed away with some violent, and honestly, incredible riffing. Leifer and Eddy both perform amicably on this track and show their talents both at their respective instruments and at sharing the helm of lead vocalist. The use of both Leifer and Eddy using their dynamic ranges and extraordinary songwriting skills helps grip what the project is about, and naming this song after their band name was a bold move, but a welcome one. “Foaming at the Mouth” delivers an incredible amount of riffage and talent, which impressively delivers their sound, and what they’re about; Pure. Death. Metal.

I’m really upset at the moment, because I REALLY tried to love Foaming at the Mouth’s debut record, Writhing, and although I really enjoyed their writing style and hard work ethic, there were just some parts of it that let me down. But the lack of bass is just one of the biggest no no’s in the music industry today, and I don’t know whether they just tried to pull a Metallica and turn down the bass almost completely, or not even bother to write it. I sincerely hope that on their next release, they take these types of constructive criticism into account, as I genuinely believe that Foaming at the Mouth have an incredible amount of talent, both in songwriting and technical abilities, but Writhing was unfortunately a disappointment.