Brisbane’s melodic piano metal five piece, Seraphic have had quite the year this year. They have been on a whirlwind journey with a lot of wonderful things happening for the band. I was honored to have a chat with their beautiful vocalist and keyboardist, Sam Wolstenhome recently about their new single and film clip, their upcoming gigs, and more. We started at the beginning and spoke about how the band first got together.

“In 2013 I was in my first band, Alpine Fault, a Brisbane symphonic metal band. They disbanded and that was the first band I had ever been in but I had wanted to do that for a long time you know, I had been really passionate about metal and singing and music in general for a long time and as soon as I was in that band I realized that that was something I had really wanted to do. I had been writing my own songs for quite a few years by then, you know just tinkering around on the piano and singing. I recorded a couple of rough demos as my early tracks and started the audition process and over the next few months I started to put the pieces together. Then by early 2015 we were gigging, so that was pretty great! We started as a four piece and then I decided I wanted to beef up our sound a little bit more. You know we had that classical melodic sound that I have always loved but I wanted it to be a bit more powerful, especially live, so I thought I am going to grab a second guitarist. Fortunately Raouf-Al-Araji from Dark Symphonica was very interested in joining and we had already established that we all got along very well, he’s my husband incidentally *laughs*. His addition to our sound was just the cherry on top of the cake that I had been looking for.”

Having just released their new single ‘The Monster Within’ along with their very first film clip on August 29th, Wolstenhome talked about the new single and the meaning behind it along with their wonderful experience with making their first film clip.

“The Monster Within is a really special and personal track for me. Lyrically it deals with some pretty dark things. I wrote it when I was in quite a dark place in my life. I realized that I wanted to really make some changes; I wanted to turn things around. Music has always been a way for me to express my emotions, good and bad. It has been the way for me to have a voice and be able to express the things that we might be scared to express and to say. It is such a beautiful way to convey that and let that out. So it deals with things like facing your demons and that dark side of yourself and realizing you know, hey we are not all perfect, you have to take the good with the bad. Sometimes the biggest achievement is just taking a step forward when you are feeling the worst, when you feel like it’s the most difficult thing to do. It is a really emotive song so it was really easy for the guys to get into it. It was such a great collaborative process, writing the song together. Their contributions made it not only much heavier but just much more powerful than even I had imagined or hoped for it. It has been a really therapeutic process for me. For the whole band it has brought us closer together as well.


It was an amazing process making the clip. We had a vision of what we wanted the finished project to look like. We definitely wanted to have some narrative in there to kind of illustrate that struggle between a dark and light side; the light within yourself. We hit up a good friend of mine, Derek Griffiths of SilentDez Productions. I have known him for a long time. Derek and his business partner Matt completely understood what we wanted and were really willing to work with us to get the best product possible. Come filming day, we had selected the perfect location and everything ran smoothly. We had a couple of dancers that we hired to represent the narrative who improvised the whole thing and they were amazing. They had a vague idea of their roles but apart from that they literally just rocked up and improvised the whole thing, they were incredible. It was a smooth process from start to finish and every one had so much fun!”

Seraphic have some really big and exciting gigs coming up over the next few months, starting with their single launch at The Wooly Mammoth on the 12th of October with supports from Amicable Treason, Elkenwood and Darklore.

“We are super excited, what we wanted really was to just have a great time celebrating the release of our single because we have been so excited about it for so long. We will be playing some of our best loved songs from our first album and we will also be playing another new song that will be the first time we have ever played it, so something a bit special for our fans!”

After that Seraphic join the epic line up for Halloween Hysteria at the Jubilee Hotel. This one is going to be huge! With talk around the Brisbane music scene of it being even bigger than Dead Of Winter Festival that was held earlier this year in June.

“The hype surrounding it is insane. You’ve got some massive bands on the bill but also you’ve got some really great variety of more local bands. I couldn’t believe it when we got the email I was just like are you joking? I was going to go anyway because of the line up but the prospect of playing is just honestly such an honor. We are so stoked and it is exactly the kind of show we want to be involved in. There will be so many amazing musicians we will get to meet and play alongside, and that height of talent, that is where we want to be, I am so excited!”

There is no slowing down after that either, next up Seraphic supports Kamelot alongside Brisbane’s metal Vikings, Valhalore.

“Oh man, that has been a dream show of mine for many years and I’m still blown away that we going to be supporting this band, they are absolutely legendary and it is very special.”

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