It’s been two years since Primal Fear first made it to Australian shores to play a round of very intimate club shows, but this November they’re coming back bigger and better. Not only will Primal Fear bring with them a new album and completely different setlist celebrating the band’s 20th anniversary, they’ll also be bringing with them Sinner – the 36-year young heavy rock band, featuring Primal Fear’s Mat Sinner and Tom Naumann, for the very first time. Before delving into this massive tour however, Sinner himself first reflects on Primal Fear’s latest release, ‘Apocalypse.’

“I think overall the compositions are more detailed,” he begins, “so ‘Rulebreaker’ was a much more straight album for me. With ‘Apocalypse,’ we’ve gone much more into details, different kinds of melodies, different kinds of riffs, a lot more guitars overall on the album in every kind of way – clean guitars, distorted guitars, a lot more lead guitars. It was very cool that ‘Rulebreaker’ was such a well-reviewed album, but now with ‘Apocalypse,’ it is even better for us. All over the charts, all over the world. America, Canada, Europe, Japan, everywhere. It’s a little step forward for us.”

When it comes to working on music videos, it’s all in a day’s work for Sinner, even with a pyro-heavy video like King of Madness. “I think if a band have a certain standard, it is cool to promote the album with a video or two just to get the thing rolling. And also we have a lot of fans overseas who are not seeing us so many times, so the video should transport the current status of the band and present a new song to promote the album better.”

Speaking of people who don’t see Primal Fear very often, the conversation turns to Sinner’s memories of the previous Australian tour. “It was very wild and a very good crowd, so I enjoyed it a lot. The people were very enthusiastic, and very happy to see us for the first time. So for the second time I think we will have a totally different setlist. We will present some new songs, some older songs, some surprises back in the setlist, songs we never played before. It’s our 20th anniversary, it’s a big mix, and totally new setlist for us.”

On the band’s move to larger venues for this second tour, Sinner points out, “It was our intention that we could present the band on a proper stage and a proper venue if we came back again. I think we need to have a good stage so we can present the band in the proper way so that people have maximum enjoyment. It’s okay to play in a club when you come to a country for the first time, it’s nice, but Primal Fear is used to playing bigger stages, so for us it will be a different kind of feeling to present our show to the Australian fans.”

Primal Fear have never slowed down over their 20 years of activity, and Sinner sheds some light on what keeps the experience fresh for them. “Well, I think it was always the band chemistry. Exploring new territories and playing all over the world is an exciting job. It’s tough in one way, because you’re sitting mostly in planes or buses or whatever, but during the last 10 years we’ve expanded all around the world, and this was a really big challenge but on the other side, a really nice job to do, and the feeling that we can play anywhere in the world and there’s some fans, it’s really exciting. We’ve played countries where we never even thought of going there, and playing there we found out we had a lot of fans there. So a lot of bootleg T-shirts in the strangest places you can imagine!” he laughs. “But on the other side, it was a very good feeling. So I couldn’t count the countries we’ve played in the last year. A massive amount of countries. For Primal Fear, this is always the motivation to go out and do a great show for our fans. If the album sales and production work are still in a good relation to our input, I think it’s the best motivation if you get a lot of chart entries around the world, and you sell a lot of albums. It’s a great motivation to continue.”

As well as the return of Primal Fear, Sinner will also bring his eponymous band to Australia for the very first time. “Well, I have to start with the Japanese people. They always have some crazy ideas of making a cool concert, and they asked me very early if it were possible to bring Sinner, who are legendary in Japan, along with Primal Fear to the next tour to make it an even bigger success. And I said, ‘Okay, let’s do it, let’s try it,’ and we did it, but that also came from Australia. And I said, ‘Okay, with Sinner and Primal Fear together in Japan, we’ll take the same package to Australia.’ Because we are there, I’m not sending some guys home while we continue alone with Primal Fear to Australia. So we said, ‘Okay, let’s do this,’ and I’m very excited. For me, it’s the first time in Australia with Sinner, so let’s see how the people like the music.”

Australian fans can catch Primal Fear, Sinner and Melbourne-based supports Horizons Edge in Melbourne and Sydney this November!