Brazillian progressive death metal band PIAH MATER are now streaming their song Sprung From Weakness over at Antihero Magazine. The track is taken from their album ‘The Wandering Daughter’ which will be released in October via code666.

The band commented “Sprung From Weakness was the first song written for this album and it’s also one of the most straight-forward of the batch. Structure-wise, it has that “song within a song” approach like many in our catalog but for this one, we managed to wrap things up before the 7-minute mark.

The lyrics are about a conflict between two individuals that takes place in the deep, isolated wilderness. At stake, their own survival. What they want to kill is what they see of themselves in the other. Guilt and shame are as much characters in this dispute as any of the persons involved and the environment that surrounds them feeds off of those feelings. But when nature becomes an agent of change, the scales of justice often lean to chaos. That’s when weakness rises as an unsung virtue.”

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