Texas band Charcoal Tongue have dropped their second in a series of three EPs. ’48 Hours: Monster in the Mirror’ is out now via Spinefarm Records. It follows the first EP, ’24 Hours: My Deterioration’The intensely personal EPs chronicle the 72-hour period that singer Chris Mora experienced after his suicide attempt.

“’48 Hours: Monster in the Mirror’is the heaviest and most chaotic section of the ’72 Hours’ story,” said Mora. “The title track Monster in the Mirror is about society’s obsession with feeling beautiful or accepted in today’s ‘selfie culture.’ We have explored a lot of new territory sonically and lyrically with this set of songs. It’s faster, angrier, and darker. You’ll hear more industrial elements on this EP, and it features Danny Leal of Upon A Burning Body. We’re really excited to have Danny on this EP. He has a really powerful voice and brought a whole new intensity to the song, ‘Choke.'”

The EP is available for purchase here.