Ecca Vandal is returning to Aussie shores after an extended European tour supporting Incubus, with stopovers at the Reading and Leeds Festivals along the way – and boy are we happy to have her back. Melbourne local Ecca has enjoyed a steady climb through the ranks of Australian music over the past three years and is taking the rest of the world by storm. And if you haven’t worked out yet what the fuss is all about, time to listen close as we take you through the highlights of her meteoric rise to fame.

Born to Sri Lankan refugees in South Africa, Ecca credits her interest in music to the prevalence of singing and musical expression in these cultures. Growing up around a diverse assortment of influences and within the rich melting pot of Melbourne’s art scene, it’s no wonder Ecca has created such a unique and blended sound. Her effortless combination of punk, hip-hop and jazz is unlike anything else on the scene at the moment. The tunes coming out of this talented youngster are captivating in their strength and creativity, but familiar like an old friend.

Her debut single White Flag (2015) was well received, gaining wide radio play almost immediately. Since the release of this thumper of a track, she’s gone on to wow us with singles Battle Royale, End of Time and Future Heroine. Teasing with a five track EP in 2016, it wasn’t long before the release of Ecca Vandal’s full length self-titled debut album – which gained critical acclaim world-wide.  Thought provoking and intelligent, Ecca Vandal maintains the fun driving movement we expect from a punk record, with added texture and depth.

Latest release Your Orbit, featuring guest vocals from Sampa the Great, is another stunning example of the easy fun-loving music Ecca Vandal produces, which is counter balanced by the belting punk styles of many of her tracks. She promises nothing if not a broad journey across musical genres, with something guaranteed to tickled everyone’s fancy.

On top of having a killer production style which makes her recorded tracks a pleasure to listen to, like any good punk rocker, Ecca knows how to own the stage. Her show is high energy, captivating and unrelenting – drawing you wholly into it, making sure you won’t stop moving. Her stage presence is larger than life, bringing her booming and eclectic tunes to life in a way that can’t be felt through the recordings. The onstage band are talented performers in their own right and bring an added energy and finesse to the performance. Ecca took the stage for Falls Festival 2017/2018 and followed it up by supporting Incubus on their Australian tour in March. The busy schedule seems to only fuel the energy she brings to the stage and she feeds on the crowd vibe like no other. Trust us when we say seeing Ecca Vandal live is an experience not to be missed – and one which just might be the thing you need to kick start your festival mood.

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