Words and Photos by Eric Pefley.

On Sunday night, El Corazon was almost sold out for a double bill of some of Canada’s finest metal. Unleash The Archers and Striker were kicking off their North American tour here in Seattle. I have seen Unleash The Archers before with their dynamic front woman Brittney Slayes. This would be the first time I have seen Striker, but having listened to their new album that is due out October 26th, I was excited.

Striker hit the stage with a great pure metal sound. It reminded me a lot of the best metal bands of the 80s with some power metal mixed in. They crushed it right from the beginning and the crowd loved every minute of it. Dan Cleary on lead vocals can really drive home a lyric. The rest of the band Tim Brown– Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Chris Segger – Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Adam Brown – Drums, William Wallace – Bass were great musicians and kept the metal flowing during the entire set. Some of the songs that really stood out to me were Former Glory, Full Speed or No Speed and Fight for Your Life. It was a great set and really got the crowd fired up for our headliners.

Our final act of the night would be Unleash The Archers. The metal titans from Vancouver B.C. know how to deliver a pure metal sound that takes no prisoners. I was fortunate enough to cover their releases show in Vancouver B.C. when their latest album “Apex” was released. Quite simply on that night they blew me away, and I thought they sounded even better on this night in Seattle.

The band is fronted by dynamic lead singer Brittney Slayes who can sing metal with the best of them. They have songs that remind me of a Judas Priest style of metal and some that have that more European power metal sounds. As a whole though, it is just pure in your face metal. Filling out the rest of this awesome band is Grant Truesdell – Guitar and Vocals, Andrew Kingsley – Guitar and Vocals, Scott Buchanan – Drums. They have a new bassist and I thought I wrote has name down, but can’t find it in my notes. I will update this review when I track down that info.

The show opened with three songs from the fantastic album “Apex” with Awakening, The Matriarch and Cleanse the Bloodlines. Talk about getting a show started the right way. The Awakening features some of Slayes’ signature screams which are epic. It had a great chorus and is a very catchy song. The Matriarch is an absolute rocker that rips through you the entire song. It is one of my favorites on the album. Cleanse the Bloodlines has a great video on You Tube that you should check out. It is another song that is just relentless and also includes some nice growling vocals. Anyone in the crowd that did not own “Apex” should have been convinced to purchase it after hearing these three songs!

As the show continued, we were treated to some songs off their other albums. Unleash The Archers has four full length studio albums to their name. The band played Test Your Metal, Dreamcrusher, Time Stands Still, General of the Dark Army and Tonight We Ride. The crowd went nuts to Tonight We Ride and the venue was on the verge of being out of control. This song also starts with Slayes unleashing some serious screams. This song overall is quite the ride. This is another song with a great video on You Tube you should check out. By this point the crowd has been thoroughly rocked into oblivion.

However there was one more song to go. The title track off the newish album “Apex” for the encore. This song is an absolute classic, with its great melodic metal opening and the riffs that just grind through you. Then the song slows down for a bit to lure you in. Slayes’ softer vocal style is on display which is fantastic. She really can do it all vocally and it really sets this band apart. This song then kicks it into high gear with a bit of an Iron Maiden feel. Now we are off and running and this song is simply amazing. I still can’t get enough of listening to “Apex” and I always listen to this song twice.

Sadly the night had come to a close. “Apex” is an incredible album and Unleash The Archers is a great band. Musically the songs are full of great guitar riffs and solos, and Slayes’ vocals are some of the best out there. Live this band takes it to an even higher level! If you are a fan of pure metal or power metal check out their You Tube videos, you will be impressed. This is a band not to be missed on their current North America tour. You will be treated to one hell of a show!

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