Raise your steins, it’s party time! Stop what you are doing and get yourself a bottle of rum as Australia’s favourite party pirates LAGERSTEIN have just dropped a new single! Releasing their very own pirate rendition of the 80’s Eddie Murphy & Rick James classic “Party All the Time” this crew know how to instantly create a party banger.

Mixing hilarious pirate shenanigans with rock and folk metal, the pirate crew hailing from Brisbane are known for their legendary stage show, which brings a house party to the heavy metal show. Teaming up with Swedish wizard and legendary metal producer Fredrik Nordström of Studio Fredman, the crew have created a version that we can now party all the time too!

Lagerstein guitarist Neil Rummy Rackers had this to say on the new single: “We started playing this song in practice for fun a while back when someone was late. We knew immediately that it would work in a live setting. Since then we have performed it all through Europe, UK and Australia, so it was only fitting that for Lagerfest V we release it as a single. We were very excited to be working with the legendary Fredrik Nordström in Sweden who has made it sound absolutely massive!”

You can check out the new single now on the band’s Youtube!

Don’t forget that Lagerfest V kicks off Saturday at Max Watts in Melbourne!