DogHouse Swine are just as angry, loud, and righteous as you would expect of a trio whose members spent decades sweating out gigs in every sticky-floored hellhole firetrap that would have them. They bring it every night, to every crowd, like it’s their last show ever.

The New Jersey-bred band’s new EP, HiFi Music For LoFi Kids, captures their relentless energy. DogHouse Swine has a time-tested formula that never fails, track after ear-busting track: aggressive punk ‘n roll guitars, top-of-your lungs choruses and thunderous drums that could turn concrete floors into trampolines.

Beneath it all is the quality that defines every great Jersey band: A sense that no matter what, they will persevere. DogHouse Swine see the world with clear eyes and brutal wit …and be warned, stay the hell out of their way. Songs like I’m Suffocated, I Want My PTO and even the ribald Carl’s Theme will make you feel the same.

Recorded by J. Robbins at The Magpie Cage in Baltimore and Kevin Lacatena at Homebrew Studio in Sparta, NJ, every song on HiFi Music for LoFi Kids begs to be played as loud and proud as you dare.

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HiFi Music For LoFi Kids | Released September 25th, 2018 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. I Want My PTO
02. Dangerous
03. Fearless
04. All Is Fair In Love & War
05. My Ex Sucks
06. Born In The Hole
07. I’m Suffocated
08. Shoot For The Moon
09. I Am Man
10. Out Of Time
11. Carl’s Theme

DogHouse Swine are:
Ian – Guitar/Vocals
Iron Rich – Bass
Chris DeBellis – Drums

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