Last week, Norwegian noise/art rock enigmas ÅRABROT released their ‘Who Do You Love’ full-length via Pelagic Records. Described as, “a universe unto themselves,” by Louder Sound calling frontman Kjetil Nernes, “an iconoclast for dark and dysfunctional times, whose perverted dogma you would do well to fall under the sway of,” the Norwegian Grammy award winning ÅRABROT carry all the hallmarks of a sonic spectrum that has always been a wide and wild field of purposeful mismatches; a world of friction between the noisy, the disharmony, and the tension, with rivalling moments of harmonic relief.

And now, the band is pleased to unveil the visual companion to the track Pygmalion courtesy of BrooklynVegan. In Ovid’s narrative poem Metamorphoses, Pygmalion was a Cypriot sculptor who carved a woman out of ivory.

Offers Nernes, “Pygmalion fell in love with his statue. The song ‘Pygmalion’ is inspired by a vision of figures come alive in a garden in France. Terrible figures that give birth to terrible visions. It sounds like ÅRABROT at their most tender, but is it really?”

Adds BrooklynVegan, “This is one of two songs on the album where main member Kjetil Nernes turns lead vocals over to his wife Karin Park (the other is ‘Sons And Daughters’), and the result is a gothy, atmospheric pop song that fans of ’80s 4AD might like. (It’s also not at all indicative of the rest of the album, which is all over the place.) The video is equally eerie, and mostly revolves around footage of Karin performing the song at a piano in candlelight, as Kjetil looks on…”

To pre-order your digital copy of ‘Who Do You Love’ click HERE.